Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pocket Full of Sunshine

♪♫♪I Got a Pocket, Got a Pocket Full of Sunshine… ♪♫♪

After the gorgeous weather this week "Pocket Full of Sunshine" by Natasha Bedingfield has really been a catchy tune! I love that song! : )

Spring Break 2011 has come and almost gone! As of tomorrow we will be bringing this spring break to an end. Our poor kids had anything but an exciting vacation from school because of all the house repairs. We stayed home all week (for the most part) and tried to stay out of the way yet, be here to oversee everything. Destiny spent the break with us while her family has been in Idaho locating a new house. They are moving in the next few weeks for personal reasons.

On Friday as soon as the tub was removed I reached the point that I HAD to break away from the house. We walked around the outlet mall, which was pleasant. The kids behaved. We didn’t spend money, we just had to get out. Before we left I let the kids break away for a few minutes to play on the small play area.

After leaving the outlet, Nicholas caught me really off guard and truthfully made me want to cry! He got in his carseat and informed me that he could buckle his own seatbelt. Of course, I figured that he could give it a shot and I would finish it for him. Man, did this little guy prove me wrong! He buckled himself all up and was so proud of himself. Which, if course, I was and still am as well. Yet, at the same time, I am kind of heartbroken. My baby is becoming a small kid! He will be four on Monday, so he will officially hit the preschool age and I will officially be in tears! I am so not ready for this! 

When Saturday rolled around, Kevin had to pull CQ as the NCO, and again, I had to get out of the house with the kids. So, off to post we headed. There was a German Bazaar and a small thing at Old Fort Bliss. No better way to go other than a free fun day! The German Bazaar was okay, though I will say the ones we had while living in Germany were a lot better! This one was real small with minimal vendors. Yes, we do have an entire German Community on post due to the German Airforce being stationed at Fort Bliss. The kids LOVED the vendors and the set up at Old Fort Bliss. The girls were consumed by the way things were "back in the day" as they stated. The "old timey" living conditions seemed to have them in full amazement. Then they asked if that's how it was when Kev and I were kids... Really? Lol. They really cannot understand the concept of time! I just told them that life wasn't even like that when their grandparents were kids! Haha! Now, doesn't this make us all re-evaluate our ages. : )

After the morning that was spent at Fort Bliss, we all headed home and started our clean up. I agreed to let the girls have a slumber party to bring their spring break to an end. They had three friends spend the night and had a blast. A friend of mine, Debbie, came over to help me out with the "girlie" time. She brought her two daughters over. Her husband was on CQ with Kev. We spent the evening pigging out on easy, finger foods, doing makeovers on each of the girls, and painting their nails bright summery colors! Total girls night! Following that girlie time, we let the kids all make some Easter crafts. Debbie and her kids left around 9pm, Nic went to bed shortly after, and five little women stayed up until around one in the morning talking about "girl" things... In other words, they left me pretty speechless at the things they know and were discussing numerous times!

I am sure most of you have heard that the moon was the brightest and largest last night that it has been in 18 years and will be in the 100 years. The kids were super excited to see the moon show and loved how big and bright it was. Of course, the pictures that were taken on my phone did it absolutely no justice at all!

Just some random pictures from this past week:

 Nic ended up pretty sick this past Monday. Poor little man. Thankfully is passed pretty quickly.

Nic watching TV in our unorganized living room. 

Nic playing with my camera while I worked on my computer.

Caitlin smiling big for Nic 

Me with my silly little man 

And yes, I HAD to share this picture with everyone! Why? Because the grass is turning GREEN!!! An tiny area in our front yard. How cool is this? Spring has sprung!

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