Sunday, March 29, 2009

El Paso Zoo

We ended our fun filled weekend with a trip to the El Paso Zoo. We had to take the kids to see more animals than the previous day. Of course, they had so much fun! The last time we took the kids to the zoo Nicholas was only a couple weeks old. This time around, he got overly excited with seeing all the animals.The girls had fun watching the sea lions play. They were in some great pictures that we have added! By the end of the day, we were so ready to get home and just relax. Not that it ever happens that way, but that's what we were aiming for!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Heading Back Home

Leaving Ruidoso was a drive we spent a part of in disbelief! Driving home we decided to put our wonderful GPS into use. Probably not the best choice we could have made out there! We ended up taking a turn thinking it would take us into Cloudcroft, NM and ended up in the middle of the woods. We started out on a paved road that led to a dirt road and we ended up driving on grass! No kidding around! We got so twisted and turned around. All Brittney could do was laugh, which had Kevin cracking jokes and finding the humor in it all. The girls were scared. No matter how much we tried to reassure them that we knew how to get back to the main road, they were terrified! While we were still on the dirt road Kevin stopped to let the girls all get pictures in the snow. Once we were back on the road and back into the normal desert life we have come to know so well, we stopped and took more pictures. We had such a great day together!

Pony Rides in Ruidoso, NM

Following the zoo we ended up in Ruidoso, NM. It was like being in another world compared to El Paso! There were many of them! Ruidoso is in the mountains and it is beautiful! It reminded us a lot of Blue Ridge and of course made us homesick in a way! Ruidoso has a ton of small shops and restraunts. It is a place we are all looking forward to go back to one weekend. The kids were amazed with the little amount of snow we were able to see and loved the Dip-n-Dot ice cream we stopped for. As we were leaving we stopped for the pony rides, which of course Breanna went crazy for! We only bought tickets for the girls, not thinking Nicholas would want to ride. Little did we know that he would pitch a fit. He was so upset with us for not letting him on. One of the women that worked there walked over to us and asked if she could borrow Nicholas for a minute. She took him into the ring and put him on a pony, holding onto him for a couple minutes. It made his day, I think. He fell in love with the pony and had to see everyone before we left. It was great to see all three kids so excited over this little adventure!

Alamogordo Zoo, NM

We got in the car this morning and just drove to NM with no real plans in sight! We arrived at a small zoo about two hours from our house. When I say small, I mean very small! Not too many animals, but the kids loved it! It was more of an area that had animals that have been saved for whatever reason. Different reasons! There was also a playground the girls had a blast on. The best pictures were of Kevin helping them on the monkey bars. I love watching him with our little ones!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Nicholas!

Happy 2nd Birthday to our little man! It is so hard to believe he is two now! Time once again has flown by! We celebrated Nic's birthday with a lot of kids, a jumping balloon, hamburgers and hot dogs, cake, and goody bags! He had a great time! He got a ton of cars and trucks that he pushed around the yard all day until we made him go to bed. We bought him one of the cars he can get in and push around the yard that he loves. A wonderful family friend of ours, Angie made an amazing Car's cake for him. She is the one that made Caitlin's cake. The woman has a wonderful talent in making cakes! The party turned out to be a hit! Thanks to all who attended and for the many birthday wishes to our little guy!