Wednesday, March 30, 2011

100 Facts, Part 1

I am jumping on the bandwagon and doing the 100 Facts About Me (Us) that one of my fellow bloggers has started. I know, I know. You typically wouldn't view my blog and find things like this. However, I have decided to start making this blog a little more "fun" and not always based around our family adventures. Maybe I will even try to post one thing a day...who knows what the post will entail.

Hope you enjoy my random facts! : ) I am going to do this in four separate posts, 25 facts in each!

1. I obtain the most useless information and tend to be one of the most random types of people you will have the pleasure in meeting!
2. I have a passion for writing and love to read, hence all the blogging! : )
3. I cringe when people use improper grammar and always find myself wanting to correct them.
4. More than anything, I would love to have another baby in a couple of years and I find it heartbreaking that for health reasons I cannot.
5. I get even more upset when I see people that have no difficulties getting pregnant and no health issues popping out babies and not being the parent they should be.
6. My husband use to be the most laid back person of the two of us, yet since my kidney failure last year I have found comfort in knowing things no longer overwhelm me the way they use to.
7. I LOVE the color pink... Clothes, accessories, pens...anything!
8. I don't believe that there is a "middle child syndrome" yet our middle child can be our most trying child.
9. I love to travel and explore new things in life.
10. I fear the unknown, which leaves me constantly trying to plan the future.
11. After two deployments and a lot of combat trauma, my husband is being medically discharged/retired from the army.
12. I struggle when having conversations with people that lack intelligence and common sense. One of my pet peeves.
13. I am one of the most curious people you will ever meet, which in return leads me to asking a lot of questions in certain situations.
14. It takes a lot to find me limited on words or to leave me speechless.
15. I love making new friends, but tend to be very cautious to the ones I allow into my life. I have been burned too many times.
16. I think limp handshakes belong to weak people. Strong handshakes show confidence in a person.
17. The best thing in the world is hearing my children laugh (as long as it's a good laugh! lol) and having my husband  by my side.
18. Kevin is not only my husband, but he has truly become my best friend and my backbone through everything in life.
19. Kids, and people in general, that lack manners really get under my skin. My parents raised me to treat others as I want to be treated, just as I raise my kids. I am BIG on respecting others, regardless of age or circumstances. You always come out on top and as the bigger person when you have respect for others and yourself. You can't have respect for yourself when you show no respect for others.
20. I LOVE the beach but hate getting in the ocean.
21. I believe quotes can be words to live by.
22. I am a southern girl and believe in the southern hospitality that comes along with the way I was raised.
23. To this day, I think my Grandmother has the best cooking and can out cook anyone!
24. I never imagined I could love my husband more than the day I said I do (coming up on 8 years), yet I find myself falling more in love everyday.

25. I love music and singing! I find them both, as well as writing, to be the biggest outlet when things are good or bad!

*** Another set of 25 to come soon! *** Stay Tuned ***


  1. I like your wedding picture together!

    I share some of your pet peeves. Kids today definitely don't learn respect like our parents taught us. Hopefully that changes and parents become better at teaching children. I guess it must start with us!

    Thanks for sharing your facts!

  2. Thank you!

    You are so right on it starting with us. I am amazed at the way I see some children act and parents not caring. I feel at times I am too hard on my kids, but I want them to grow up with the proper respect and care for others. Glad to know I am not alone in this! :)

    Thanks for reading!