Monday, April 5, 2010

Where Does The Time Go

Kevin and I took Nicholas to his yearly physical today. It is so hard to believe that he is three now! Really, where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday we were going in for the c-section and impatiently awaiting his arrival. It seems like yesterday when the doctors and Kevin told me it would be hours before I was really able to see him due to them having to put him in the incubator. Hard to believe that barely over three years ago we brought our newborn home from the hospital. Today Nicholas is a happy, healthy and very active three year old. He is always into and up to something. Nic is very curious to learn and do new things. His doctor said everything with him looks great! Always wonderful to hear. The tubes are still in his ears, I was even able to look! Once I looked in one ear he wanted me to check the other one out. We asked about his speech, she said there is nothing at all wrong with him. He is right on track with everything. His weight is in the 75% range and his height is in the 90% ranger. Big Boy! Nicholas is talking more and more everyday, putting words together to form sentences. He is doing so much now. She said his surgery looks to be a success. He has not been sick since he had his tonsils and adnoids removed as well as his ears drained and tubes put in.

Times like now make us more and more thankful that through everything we have gone through with the kids that they are here and overall healthy!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

While Kevin was on CQ, Brittney and the girls dyed Easter eggs! To
make it a little easier and cleaner, we waited until Nicholas was
already asleep for the night.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Curiosity Could Mean Trouble....

While I was at the doctors office with Breanna, Kevin sent me a picture of our cats just discovering Lily and Jackson. Roscoe likes to watch them from time to time when they get loud and Bella finds it necessary to put her paws into the cage. Of course when this happens, both guinea pigs tend to resort to their igloo... We were worried about Roscoe terrorizing them and have been taken by surprise that it is Bella that wants to be right there when they start making their noises. The girls do get Jackson and Lily out all the time! It just means we have to put the cats in the bathroom. They love feeding them a carrot everyday while loving on them. Jackson is the best at eating a carrot and showing his love with his loud purr. Where Lily would rather be in their cage nibbling on an orange.

Smelly Feet Coverup...

We stopped by Wal-Mart before going to the kids dental appointment in order for us to pick up a few things we needed at home. It was actually a pretty easy going trip without the drama the kids typically cause. The kids were all in a great mood and played with a ball while we were in the checkout line in the Garden area. Breanna turned around and noticed a pack of Always Maxi Pads sitting on one of the shelves. Guess someone decided they didn't need them any longer so just put them wherever they saw fit. Bre grabs them and proceeds to say, "Look Mom and Dad we can buy these for Caitlin's feet since they stink so bad". Kevin turned bright red, I could not say anything due to the fact that I was laughing so hard, Caitlin looked upset even though she had no idea as to why and everyone in line was laughing. Bre thought the pads were to go in shoes for people who had bad feet odor. Poor Caitlin! Just so everyone knows, her smelly feet are TERRIBLE! She can clear a room with a quickness!

Frightful Friday

Caitlin was finally faced with reality and what happens when you eat too many things with sugar and lie when it comes to brushing teeth...

Breanna, Caitlin and Nicholas all had dental appointments this afternoon. It was Nic's first one, and let me just say that he did an amazing job! He was such a big boy! He had his teeth cleaned first and showed them his pretty teeth. Then it was time for x-rays. Of course he did not want to sit in the chair by himself so I had to end up sitting there with him. They would only let one of us in the room with the kids, so I went and Kevin sat in the waiting room. Once I sat with Nic for him to have his x-rays done, he sat still and let them get all they needed! After the x-rays the dentist took a look at him and said everything looks perfect with him! Teeth are great! Yay! Breanna and Caitlin on the other hand are going to cost us a little money. Caitlin had her first experience with the dentist that required a small surgery. They did her x-ray and found a cavity in one of her baby molars. The dentist had to end up removing it due to how bad it was and in return we have to go back in a couple of weeks for her to have a spacer put in. Thankfully it is on a baby tooth so in a few years the new molar will start coming through and the spacer will be removed. Until then the dentist will check it every six months at their cleanings and exams to make sure it is not about to push through as well as Kevin and I continuing to check on it at home.

Breanna and I started our morning off at the pediatric clinic for her check up and to update her EFMP status. (Exceptional Family Member Program). As always she had to see a new doctor. I hate how she never sees the same one! He seemed like a pretty good doctor and was able to fill all the paperwork out that is needed for the update. She is EFMP due to her asthma, which is still in the moderate category. He put her on a different inhaler for attacks.

I have my EFMP update appointment next Wednesday. Should be interesting since my health has been so crazy lately!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our Newest Additions

We have been debating for a couple months now on letting the girls get their own pets. They have been asking and well, begging for about a year now. We finally caved and let them get guinea pigs. Something that is easy to take care of and handle, yet will teach them responsiblity all at the same time. The deal is the girls have help keep their cage clean as well as feed them and love them. They have to get them out everyday and spend time with them. They agreed to everything and are very excited. Of course, with the girls each loving Hannah Montana they have choosen names based off that show. Our female is about two months old and her name is Lily. The male is six months old and his name is Jackson. Cute!