Monday, March 21, 2011

Duh Mom

There is a never a day…or moment… that is typical in the Biddle Household.  Instead, the conversations can either leave a person ready to run as far away as they can or never wanting to leave because there is a never ending amount of entertainment. Typically, it falls on the latter of the two.

With all of this being said, now I will take the opportunity to share a moment that left me once again, somewhat speechless and full of giggles with Nicholas. Nic must have ate something pretty out of sorts over the weekend, though I can’t seem to place a finger on what, because he kept stinking up the house and the car. He was at the point of clearing rooms because it left a lingering, appalling odor!

It got to the point that I finally looked at Nic and simply asked, “Nic, what in the world is making you fart so much?” His response, was one that was full of common sense, “(hehehehehe~Nic giggling) My butt mommy..(hehehehehe)”. Can we say Duh Mom? What else could I say to that or do? Of course at this point, the room was filled with laughter!

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