Thursday, February 7, 2008

Much needed family update!

I know, it has been awhile since we have posted anything. I am having some problems with my laptop and am unable to post pictures on here right now. I will send some via email soon!

As you can imagine, there has not been any downtime here since Kevin came home from the deployment! Kev arrived at the airfield here on December 8. After waiting all day, I was able to see his plane land around 6pm and was finally able to see him a little after 7pm. I cannot even begin to explain the relief, joy, excitement, pride, and so much more this brought. It is not possible to put it into words. It seemed so surreal to have him standing right there, in front of me. A moment that I had been waiting for had finally happened. The girls were at a friends house, but Nicholas was with me. At first he just looked at Kevin, probably trying to put everything together. I showed Nic pictures of Kevin everyday that he was away. Kevin, of course, had a bear for him from Germany. Kevin held Nicholas and he did great with him! After getting bags and loading the car, we headed over to get the girls. They had no idea that I would come home with Daddy! They thought that I was out Christmas shopping. Honestly, I think we had the best Christmas gift we could ever ask for! A Christmas to always remember. When they first saw Kevin, they just stared at him. I guess in disbelief. It took a minute for them to realize he was really home. Caitlin was the first one up and in his arms, followed by Breanna. Of course, there was not an early bedtime for the girls that night! For the first time in months, everything felt complete!

Christmas was wonderful! The kids all had a wonderful time. The girls had so much fun opening their gifts and Nic had a great time playing with paper and boxes! He was into everything he could get into.

The transition has been problem free! I know everyone has been worried how everything would fall back into place. It has been better than we could have expected. Kevin has been fine with life here compared to life in Iraq. More than anything, he has just been glad to be home with us. Kevin has loved that he can just relax, whether it be doing something around the house or playing one of his XBox games. Usually, it is hanging out, playing a game! No complaints here, at least he is home! He did take about a month of leave to get away from work, which was much needed.

I have obtained my real estate license. I am now a realtor with Coldwell Banker. I am now in and out of the office pretty much daily. With Kevin being home it is easier to work. Of course, he has been to a couple open houses with me that I have held. He has helped me out so much with everything.

The kids are all wonderful! The girls are both doing great in school. Breanna is above average on many things in school. Her teacher is still giving her extra work on a daily basis to keep her busy. Nicholas is crawling all over the house and into things. He will stand for a couple of seconds on his own...which only means that walking is right around the corner! I have loved every second with him, watching him grow. Since discovering my food, he refuses to eat baby food now. Every night we have to make sure that some of what we cook he can eat. He has such a happy personality and such a mama's boy! He says mama and bye bye now. Every now and then, he will say dada. He has six teeth with another one trying to come through. It is amazing how quickly they change and grow! Nicholas will be one in a little over a month. That is so hard to believe.

Overall, everything has been terrific here! I am sorry it has taken so long to get this update out. I will get pictures on here soon! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I know we sure did! Thanks to all the ones that kept us and Kevin's safety in your prayers!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Carlsbad Caverns, NM

We decided to take a trip to Carlsbad, NM with the kids to check out the caverns. We all had a fun-filled day. The drive seemed to go on a little too long with the girls in the back constantly repeating "Are we there yet?" "I am tired of being in the car"...and so on. We stopped at the park area of the Guadelupe Mountains to walk and go through the small museum they have. Very interesting! After that we headed to the caverns. We had to end up purchasing a snuggli for Kevin to strap on him and tote Nic in. Of course, we were not thinking about the fact we could not take a stroller in! We took an elevator down, I cannot recall how far under we were. The girls were just as amazed as Kevin and I were. Kevin and I are making future plans to go back without the kids so we can do more advanced cave tours. We are wanting to do the ones where we actually have to get down and crawl through the narrow cave passages! We all had a great day in NM!

For more information on the Caverns and the National Park, check out the website, We took the kids on the self-guided tour.