Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Day Catch-up

We did it! We managed to survive the first week of school with children now in pre-k, third, and fourth grades! What a week of ups and downs it has been dealing with school, as well as my recovery!

The girls are riding the bus in the mornings as well as the afternoon, with Nic riding with them in the afternoon. His days are only half days this year. There is also a bus that comes through the neighborhood around eleven every morning to take the little ones in Pre-K to school. He thinks he is hot stuff this year! Every morning, Nic loads up on the pre-k bus he smiles tells me he loves me, gives me a hug and is off to school. My heart aches as he goes about the same routine every day. It aches because my baby is no longer a baby, he is getting bigger by the day. It leaves me wondering where the past four years have gone... How has time gone so quickly that he is now a pre-school child, full of energy, very talkative, and always into something? It seems like yesterday that I was on the phone with Kevin, trembling that he would be so upset, as I told him I was at the doctor and he instantly put it together. His response, "Are we?". Once I confirmed, that yes, we were having another baby, he was full of joy and pride. Complete opposite of what I had expected. It seems like yesterday that we were bringing our little man home and starting a new life with him. Now here we are, off to his exploring new things! Absolutely amazing!

The kids all have fantastic teachers...well, at least at this point. So far they seem to be great teachers. We all know how quickly that can change once everyone finds their comfort zones in school! Breanna is showing interest in everything this year is already showing. She loves her new teacher and the class that she is in. It looks as though she may be trying out for chorus in the upcoming weeks!  Caitlin is starting tutoring after school, two days a week in two weeks. We are very pleased the teacher has already showed such interest in her and her well being and are praying this school year is more successful than the ones in the past. Nicholas LOVES going to school, learning, and making new friends. He is already showing improvements in the learning department!

Kevin is recovering fabulously from his spinal surgery! The difference is quite amazing and it is obvious that he is feeling somewhat better. He can turn his head left and right without the grinding from before. As with everything, it is day to day. The pain is still there, but he can tell many changes. Just as we all can. Even in the way he stands, he no longer has the bump that he use to at the base of his neck area.

I saw the surgeon yesterday and am still on a limited list of things I can do. There really isn't much I can do. Since he removed my cervix, we now have to make sure I heal completely. The cervix holds organs in, since I no longer have it they had to close it all up (while inside, they stitched) in order to prevent the "fall out". The surgeon also went into more detail about things. The surgery last year really messed me up and left more complications, as stated in a post before this one. The part of the ovary that was left played a major factor in the pain and complications of this past year. It was the reason I had a constant pain up to the stabbing, doubled over feeling. This as well as the adhesion's and my cervix issues. He was in disbelief over exactly how bad I was and the complications that existed. I just feel incredibly lucky and blessed that I have an amazing surgeon and would recommend him to anyone! He listens, he cares, and he is dang good at what he does! Dr. Farnam walked into the exam room and the first thing out of his mouth is, "Hey! How is my problem child today?" We couldn't help but to smile over this! Apparently, I am one of the worst cases.... Hmmmm.... Not too surprised on that one! I am sure I will have more to say on this situation later next week once I have time to take things in a little more. I am doing well, as well as one can be with circumstances. I am officially in full blown surgical menopause... and let me just tell you all.... IT SUCKS!!!! Hot flashes are no joke! Overall, I am just incredibly thankful for the surgeon that I have and the amazing job that he did!

Thank you to all that have supported us and stayed by my side through the difficult and complicated time. I love each of you and am incredibly blessed to have you each in my life!

This little guy is just not use to such a busy day....

Thursday, August 25, 2011

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

After Britt's Surgery Update

As most know, I had to undergo another abdominal/pelvic surgery six days ago, on Wednesday (August 17, 2011). The surgery was expected to hold many complications, but not as many as it ended up having. Dr. Farnam, my surgeon, was not too sure if he would be able to remove my cervix, or if this would lead to more surgeries, because he was limited to the information on what all was going on with me since the Army has it all.

I ended up going into surgery a little earlier that what was scheduled, which now is an excellent thing! The typical 30-45 minute surgery that I went in for ended up taking over 3.5 hours. Talk about complications. When Dr. Farnam made the incisions, he explained afterwards, that I was more covered in adhesion's than I should be. Too many within a year period and this explained all the pain that I was in. However, it also left a lot of questions as to what in the world the surgeon last year was honestly doing when her removed my ovaries. It took the my surgeon over an hour and a half just to cut through and clean the adhesion's out and yes, he did make the final diagnosis of my adhesive disease that I am now stuck with. This means there will more than likely be more surgeries in the future as a clean out and hopefully nothing more. At some point, pieces of my ovaries were found still in my pelvic cavity. Yes, you read right.... Which explains why the ER doctor kept telling me that I had ovarian cyst even after I argued that my ovaries were removed. This may also be why I have not felt well at all, even while on my estrogen. Then it took more time to separate my cervix from my sigmoid colon. The two were tapered together and in poor condition. While separating, they did run into a small  problem with a tear in my colon that was repaired right away. Gas was used to fill my colon in order to make sure there was no leakage. Thankfully, Dr. Farnam did an awesome job! After that, he went on to remove my cervix. As I said earlier, what should have taken under an hour, ended up lasting over three and a half hours due to all the complications.  I see Dr. Farnam later this week to find out more details of the surgery and what all was found. At this point, I am really not too sure what to even think. He was able to confirm how much the surgeon at Beaumont really jacked me up and to be honest, I still have not been able to process it all yet... I am really upset over it and have tried to not think about it this week. With all the adhesion's and ovary pieces, I can't help but to wonder what he really did last year, besides almost cost me my life on different occasions.

This surgery was much more painful that I ever expected and there were times I found it very hard to breathe. It has taken a toll on my body, emotionally and physically, and honestly right now I am just trying to maintain a busy life. I have been home since the day after, Thursday, and have been taking it easy for the most part. Okay, and I have been absolutely bored out of my mind. Yet, I have managed to keep my word this time around and do pretty much nothing at all during this recovery time! You should all be so incredibly proud, because this is seriously hard to do for me! Kevin has been a wonderful help. David, Kev's dad, happened to come in town over the weekend. Which, this of course, was a wonderful distraction away from the surgery, with the exception of the fact I felt horrible for not being able to do anything at all but sit around the house. I am on a two week do nothing at all schedule. No lifting, bending, picking things up, or anything really other than sitting on the couch. Oh, and I can't drive for at least the first two weeks. Thank God for my baby laptop! I'd be real lost without it. Especially since my cell phone fell into the bathtub and the bottom button no longer works. If you have an IPhone, you know exactly how annoying this is. I have to turn it off and back on just to get into a different file! Once my two weeks is up, I can slowly start doing things again. I still have to take it extremely easy until I am past the eight week mark on recovery. Only seven more to go!

Thank you to all that have been here helping me get through this time. Thank you to the family and friends that I may not talk to everyday, yet you have been full of thoughts, prayers, messages, and calls throughout this past week. I can never explain exactly what this has meant to me. It goes to show that we don't have to talk everyday in order to always be here for each other! I love you all and am very blessed to have you all in my life!

 Thank you to my girls that I have been blessed with through FOV! You ladies NEVER let me down and never let me go through anything alone! Y'all are absolutely amazing and I'd be lost you in my life. What went from "co-workers" has turned into lifelong friends. Thank you for being who you are and I love each of you so very much!  You guys mean more to me than any amount of words could ever say!

And of course, thank you to the most amazing husband and children a girl could ever wish and hope for. I have been incredibly lucky and more blessed than I probably deserve. Thank you Kevin for always staying by my side and sticking by me through everything in life. I love you and our kids more than the air I breathe and cannot wait to see what life has in store for us, especially with the upcoming changes that are soon about to take place! I love you with every ounce of my being!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you... and many, many more Thank You's to my family at, Hillary, and Joanna for sending me such beautiful flowers, cards, candy, and cookies! All of them are absolutely amazing and beautiful! You all know exactly how to make a girl feel incredibly special! I love you guys! ***Sorry Jo, the cookies were opened before I could ever take a picture of them! Kids, lol. They are all very tasty!***

Sunday, August 21, 2011

"That is so Stupid..."

We are all way too familiar with the commercials that will bring a smile to our face or that we have no interest in. Yet, there are few commercials that will actually become worthy of us talking about once we see it, that stick in the back of our mind, or even better.... make us laugh!!!

With that being said, Kevin and I laugh every time we see one of the Hanes socks commercials. I am sure if you watch television, you have seen this cute and funny commercial. It's the one where the dad and son are standing in the living room dipping the little boys feet in paste because they need socks. The mom walks in with a look of anything other than being too surprised of their actions as she watches the paste dripping from the sons feet as the dad and son state that they are "just sick of it". All the mom can say at first is "That is so stupid" Kevin tells me all the time that would be the exact expression and statement I would have and make... Wonder why? Probably because it is something I have said or an expression I have carried as I have heard and seen the ludicrous things Kevin and Nic try to come up with. My guys are crazy! Haha. Yet, they keep everyday life very entertaining and full of smiles!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy 8th Anniversary

Eight years ago I married an amazing man, the love of my life, Kevin. What started out as two teenagers dating turned into an amazing kind of love that was never expected. At the age of 17 and 19, we had no idea what we truly and honestly wanted out of life nor were we sure what direction we were headed in. The first part of our marriage was spent with many obstacles to overcome and many issues to fight past, yet here we are today... happier than we have ever been. Through the good times and the bad times, we have overcome everything that life has thrown our way. I have been more than blessed in my life to have such a wonderful man to stand beside me. In many ways we hold each other together and in all ways we complete one another.

At this point in our lives, we are bringing one chapter to a close and allowing another one to open in the weeks ahead. I am very excited, yet anxious to see what lies ahead. I no longer have the fears of the unknown as I use to, because I know that we will get through whatever it is! I look forward to the many years that lie ahead of us knowing that I have such an amazing man to spend them with!

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life, Kevin!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Movie-Bumming Kind of Weekend

Lauren came into to town this past weekend!!!!!!!!!

On Friday, around lunchtime, I picked up one of my closest friends, Lauren from the airport and our weekend was started! We spent Friday evening looking at houses in the El Paso area, then headed home to get ready for a girls night out. We spent the evening out with Tasha and watching the newest Planet of the Apes movie that just came out. It was so much better than any of us expected. Following that, we all headed back to our house and crashed out for the night. Tasha has been staying with us as she waits to deploy sometime next week.

On Saturday we pretty much bummed it around the house and out in El Paso for a bit. We headed to the mall in search for Lauren a new hair straightener and some slippers (cute pink pig ones!), then we caught a matinee movie, The Change Up. Following the movie we decided to donate blood for a free movie pass and because it holds a special place with me after last year. United Blood had a donation bus in front of the theater. Let's just say that was not the best idea over the weekend! A little more than half way through, Lauren started to feel incredibly sick. Luckily she never passed out or anything. However, I did great through the donation and wonderful for the first almost fifteen minutes. Then out of nowhere, it all hit me and I started to slip in and out before finally fainting two times. No one understood why it took that long to hit me and were concerned with my medical issues. As you can see, that was by far the worst idea on my part! We did get to use our free movie passes that night and saw Friends with Benefits... not a good movie. We were let down after hearing from others how great and funny the movie was supposed to be. The Change Up, on the other hand, was awesome and very funny! It is a must see for most people. However, if you are easily offended with bad language, stay away from this one! Lauren and I witnessed an elderly woman that was by herself leave within the first ten minutes due to the vulgar language! Now, you can't say I didn't warn you! We were amazed that parents actually allowed their children to see this movie...with them!!!! It really made me question parenting styles. We loved the movie and spent a lot of time laughing!

Then came Sunday.... oh, how it came just a little too soon! The weekend seemed to fly by, but it was a much needed one for the both of us. I was sad to see Lauren leave, but am excited that we are planning another weekend fairly soon, for her to come back out!

Thank you Lauren for flying out here and spending the weekend with me! It was great to see you and I already miss you tons! Love you girl!

Crazy girl... Right before our movie!

Hanging out in the garage with Lauren and Tasha

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

4/1 AD Deploys Again....

The weekend before last we bid our farewells and well wishes to amazing soldiers as we watched them walk out of the gym and load the dreaded blue and white buses. The time has come again to see 4/1 AD off to combat and spend the next year praying for their safe return home.....

These are the ones that Kevin has deployed with twice over the past five years. In five years, many of them have headed into their third deployment from Fort Bliss. Many have stayed side by side through it all. They have seen and lived through the true reality and hell of war. They have witnessed and done more than most can every even imagine.... Their deployments have left them with a lot of heartache and hard times, a lot they wished they could just forget.

As most know, Kevin is not deploying because he is being medically discharged from the army due to combat injuries.... mentally and physically. He has also had a few surgeries from injuries that occurred while in Iraq during both deployments. My husband is not at all the same man that we sent to war a few years ago. Iraq took a part of him that I will never get back.

The last weekend of July was spent seeing our friends, who are more like family, off to war. It was spent with Kevin telling other NCO's to watch after certain individuals because this was their first and they are still so young. They were his soldiers. It was spent telling them to maintain their focus and keep their eyes open. It was spent hugging many and crying. The tears come out of the fear of the unknown... What will this next year bring?

Walking through the gym, my heart just ached uncontrollably. I watched as dads refused to put down their newborns, as children smiled up at their parent in uniform stealing their hearts away, as pregnant wives clung to and held their soldier close....knowing their husband would not make it back home in time for the birth of their child. Children were running around, laughing and smiling, not at the age to comprehend what the day was about or the fact it would be so many months before they saw their parent again. Wives held their soldier close, not wanting to let them go. Husbands clung to their wives as though they were the only ones that could hold them up. I was a onlooker, that had no control over my tears as they flowed down my face. The emotions are ones that I can't explain to you, you have to live this life and have been through the deployments to understand. I stood there, knowing how these people felt and yet, even though I knew that I wouldn't have to do it again, I felt incredibly helpless.

As selfishly as it sounds, I stood back as Kevin was shaking hands and hugging his guys, tears in their eyes as well as mine, praying for their safe return....yet thankful that this time I was not sending my husband off to war. I feel horrible for even admitting to this. We have had so many close calls over during the deployments that I can't help to be relieved that he is staying home, that his day of getting out of the army is so close. It's not that I couldn't handle another deployment... It's the fear of not knowing what the year holds, it's the sickening feeling every time someone knocks on the door or a number I have never seen shows up on my caller ID. It's him seeing the children grow up in pictures and the little ones begging me to make their daddy come home. It's a mixture of everything. Yet, I stood there watching him send his brothers off to war, and I felt like he should be going with them. Hell, he felt the exact same way. How could he not? I have now seen him struggle with the reality of knowing that he is getting out and will not be deploying again. He feels his place is overseas with them, yet knows that he can no longer handle the deployments for many reasons. One of the biggest is that he is not able to even wear the gear due to his injuries.

My heart ached for him. It crushed me to see him tearing up and hugging the soldiers that he has fought, bled, trained beside and so much more. The bond they have is one of the most amazing ones that anyone could ever experience. Yet, it makes sense. How could any of us bond like that when we have not had to go through combat such as they have?

As the guys were walking out through the gym doors following family time, I saw many expressions on their faces. It was easy to pin point the ones that have done this multiple times to the ones that were leaving for their first deployments and felt invincible in a way. It was easy to spot the ones that were leaving for the first time and the reality of war was already setting in. To see such young people with fear all over their faces brought back the tears. To see the ones we love leave again, brought on even more tears.

Here we are, a little more than a week after seeing them off, and a little over a week from them heading into Iraq from Kuwait. For the past week we have had one of our close friends, Tasha staying with us as she awaits her deployment day. Again, I am not ready to do this. Her deployment day seems to be sneaking up on us. How I wish I could just stop time....

Now, I would like to take the time to ask each of you to PLEASE say a prayer now and continue praying for 4/1 AD as they get into country and begin this deployment. Pray for their families left behind holding up the homefront. Pray for their safety and well beings. Look at your family and hold them close because others selflessly deploy and all will in many ways pay the price of freedom....some may pay the ultimate sacrifice... Cherish the moments in your life, large and small....

To the ones we saw off, know that we love each of you and will be here when you step off the planes! Stay alert and never lose your focus! Come home safely!!! Not a day will go by that we won't say prayers!

Kahlil and Kevin are in the larger pic. They have deployed together twice and been through hell together. The kids are standing in a photo with Justin. This is his first time over. The rest are of Kev seeing his buddies off.
We love you guys!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Notice Anything?

Just the other day I walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator just as I always do, in search of something to drink. As I was looking, something caught my attention that was mysteriously out of place on the shelf towards the bottom.....

Notice anything out of place?

As I stood there trying to figure out why in the world there was a water bottle that would belong to an animal in our refrigerator, the kids came in wanting something to eat. No surprise, but I completely forgot about the bottle as my attention was pulled in a different direction, closed the door, and made lunch.

Still, why was there a caged animals water bottle, filled with water, in the refrigerator door???

Later on in the day after I stumbled across the filled bottle, I managed to get lost in other things around the house when I heard someone messing around in the kitchen. When I walked around the corner, into the kitchen, this is what I found..................................

 Aha, now it all came to me on why we had an animal water bottle filled to the top, and keeping cold. Nicholas has discovered that he can successfully drink from this object. Now, should I be concerned? Had he been our first, then I am sure I would have been. Yet, with the things that I have seen from the other two, nothing really catches me too off guard. Still, what was he thinking? Over the next couple of days, we noticed no matter where we tried to hide this bottle, he would find it. Sadly enough, we would hear him drinking from this bottle and he sounded just like an animal would. Oh, and YES, the bottle is clean and has never been used, other than with Nicholas drinking out of it! 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Here We Go Again... Another Abdominal Surgery....

This afternoon was spent at the surgeons office, to receive the official news, in which we already expected, that I DO in fact have to undergo another pelvic surgery. As most of you may know, for years I have had issues and health problems in the female region due to endometreosis and ovarian cysts. I have also had multiple surgeries on my pelvic/abdominal area. More so that any one person should ever have to go through. In October of 2008, a surgeon out here had to remove my uterus in hopes of it helping the situation. Once he removed it (which he said was the worst looking uterus he had ever seen) and cleaned the endometreosis and adhesion's out, I started feeling a little better ~ pain wise.

Not too long following the hysterectomy, the pain was back as intense as ever and the cysts kept forming and rupturing. I felt like I was fighting a losing battle. In August of 2010, the GYN department on post decided it was time to remove my ovaries. So, there we were again awaiting an oopherectomy. His plan was to remove my cervix at that time as well,  however due to the adhesion's and endometreosis that were still forming everywhere, he was unable to even get to my cervix. He let us know that I am a very complicated case and he is not qualified for it. He explained then that I would have to see a oncologist, because they have more experience in removing the cervix when it is under major complications. Looking back, I am glad he didn't even try, considering his incompetence placed me on my death bed... He was the one that did not cauterize the sites when he removed my ovaries. This left me bleeding internally and put me into kidney failure. When we went to the ER I was literally dying. Due to this, I now have permanent issues with my kidneys, went into kidney failure a second time in November, and have remained anemic, as well as many other issues. 

Since the surgery, I have felt better because I no longer have ovarian cysts. Sadly though, I still have a great amount of pain from my cervix. I was referred to Dr. Farnam ~ who is an AMAZING doctor that specializes in complicated GYN surgeries. I saw him a little over a week ago for my consult and he told me then that my cervix does indeed need to be removed. However, he did not promise it would alleviate all the issues and pain. Today he went into greater detail. What it boils down to is he will not know the severity of my situation until he has opened me up. This surgery could take thirty minutes or it could last over three hours. His goal is to remove my cervix and clean any adhesion's. If he sees that removing my cervix is too complicated from it being wrapped up in my colon, bladder, and whatever else he will have no other choice but to close me back up and schedule another surgery once I recover from this one. He was explaining that if my cervix is in too much of a complicated place, he will have to call in Dr. Gomez (my life saving surgeon last year when I went into kidney failure. If it weren't for him, I would not be here any longer). Dr. Gomez is an excellent surgeon that would work hand in hand with Dr. Farnam is needed in order to avoid bowel damages and to leave me with a colostomy bag. I love the fact that he knows what he is doing, yet is not too arrogant or does not have too much pride that he refuses to ask for assistance. If you want to look him up, his website is Dr. Farnam also proceeded to tell me that if he could not remove my cervix, even with Dr. Gomez, then he would have no other choice than to refer me to the Mayo clinic next. Typically following this procedure, patients are sent home. With that being said, I will more than likely be kept in the hospital due to my medical problems and the complications that could arise. He is also very pissed with the incompetent doctors at Beaumont that allowed last year to happen and to see what it has done to me. Dr. Farnam also informed me that he cannot promise this will leave me pain free. Scary enough, all the damages done last year and over the last 15 years have more than likely left me with permanent pain in the pelvic and abdominal regions. He explained there is a very high chance that I will always be on pain meds and that there will be certain things I can never do or have to limit myself to...

My thoughts, well, I am scared because I have to undergo ANOTHER surgery. This makes 11 surgeries in 9 years. This makes 8 on my abdomen overall and the fourth surgery since last August, three of which have been abdominal and one spinal. While I am scared, I am also very angry and extremely tired of this. I hate the surgeries. I hate the medical problems that I have. I find myself angry a lot lately due to the fact that I can no longer have children and the ones I did have I had a real hard time carrying and they were all full of bedrest and pre-term labor, as well as other issues. I find myself wishing that I could be like many others and the reality that I can't do what others can breaks my heart. I see many take advantage of their good health, when they should be more grateful for it. Yet, through all of this, I find myself happy and beyond thankful to still be here and be alive, when I know that I shouldn't be after last year and the years prior to that. I just wish others understood that life has not been easy and I do have to fight for my health to remain stable. I have a lot more emotions to this all, but none that I am ready to share on here with everyone... At least not yet. I may be sometime very soon.....

What I ask of each of you reading, please just say a prayer for the complications to be minimal and for this to go without further dangers. As well as a prayer that I feel better from the spinal surgery I had in June very soon! We really need this to go as smooth as possible and for the recovery to go without issues. Thank you to the ones that have stayed by my side through all these health scares and issues. I would be lost without each of you. The more I know, the more I will update on here. Right now, I feel kind of at a loss for words out of the concern, fear, and pure exhaustion.

Thank you everyone!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cuffed & Shackled

One night before Kevin took Convalescence Leave to recover from surgery,  he came home with handcuffs and shackles in his hand. He is a platoon sergeant and as a few soldiers that are currently locked up for a variety of reasons. When he goes to the prison to escort them somewhere, he has to place them in handcuffs and shackles for everyone's safety and flight risks. This was the first time he had ever come home with these items. Typically they go later during the morning time, so they can check these things out just prior to heading to the prison. In this case, the appointment was so early, that he wasn't able to wait until the next morning. When the kids saw the handcuffs and shackles, they became instantly amazed and Nic told Kevin he was going to lock Caitlin up. As you can see in the photos, he did just that! When he managed to get her in these, I had to take a picture because her expression was just priceless! The photo that shows Nicholas holding the broom, is him pretending to have a gun... What can I say? He is ALL boy!

Cool, New Sleep T's

A little over a week ago, the kids received a package from Grannie and Grandpa that left the little ones full of excitement! Each of the kids received surprises, as well as T-shirts from their trip to South GA this summer. Grandpa decided that they each needed XL shirts so they could have sleep shirts. I think it was more so that they could have sleep shirts and always think of Grannie and Grandpa! :) Breanna, Caitlin, and Nic instantly out their shirts on and always rush me to wash them so they can sleep in their shirts. It's so cute and sweet to see them like this!

We miss  and love you Grannie and Grandpa!!!! Hope to see you soon!