Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Look Mom, It Works..."

Today I had to take the kids for an appointment for Nicholas, which was, as always, an adventure! While we were there Nicholas had to have his finger pricked for his iron test. Of course, he went crazy because he was bleeding. I won't lie, sometime those are more irritating that shots! I felt so bad for him. Nic is really great about holding either mine or Kevin's hand when we are about to walk through a parking lot, so today I didn't think it would be any different. Except, he made it clear that I was not holding his hand with the bandaid covered finger! He clearly told me, "No, not that hand Mom". Then, very nicely, he put his other hand out.

We got home a little later, unloaded some groceries, made them lunch, and just cleaned up a little. While I was cleaning the kitchen, Nic ran around the corner yelling, "Mom, look. Look Mom, it works again". Like any other person, I stopped what I was doing and started looking for what he was talking about that worked again. Honestly, I was looking for a toy or something. To my surprise, he was holding up his finger, telling me that his finger worked again! How cute is that? I asked him what worked, and he plainly stated his finger worked again. He was so excited that he could bend it without it hurting. I asked him if I could take the bandaid off, and without hesitation he said, "Yes Mom, see it works again." I love how easily amazed he is with the small things in life!

Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum

We took the kids to The Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum in New Mexico this past Sunday. They had many different setups in the museum area, taking us back what life was like so many years ago as well as live animals on the ranch and an area to view a cow being milked. It was very interesting and we took many pictures while we were there. The kids had a blast touring the museum, as well as playing on the playground midway through and the larger playground afterwards. While we were there we were able to watch a Blacksmith make a nail and view everything else he has made. It was a fun and exciting experience!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

1st & 2nd Grade Awards

I know this update is LONG overdue, but in my defense, this has been a crazy summer already! I am trying to stay updated with things, but with kids home all day and my health the way it has been, there are times it just gets difficult!

Kevin and I were both able to attend the girls award day at school this past school year on June 3, 2010! It was very exciting to see their excitement as well as knowing they were both finishing up the school year and preparing for the next! Where has the time gone. It seems so unreal that Caitlin will be in second grade and Breanna in third. It still feels like yesterday we were faced with so many fears with Breanna and the pregnancy. So, for Kevin and I to see her here and so healthy only makes us realize exactly how blessed we truly are!

During Caitlin's award ceremony the children all sat on the story time carpet while Ms. Fox handed out awards. Of course we had Nic and he wanted to be apart of the action. He sat on the carpet with the kids and watched very quietly for the first part. Out of nowhere it was time for an award to be presented when Nic decided to stand up and shout "My turn. Nic's turn". Of course, what can anyone do besides laugh! The teacher had one of the helpers in her class grab an award that she could present to Nicholas. He was awarded for "PAWS-itive Behavior". Seemed fitting due to his positive attitude, clapping, and howling for the other children when they received theirs. And yes, I did say howling! ☺ He sat still while Breanna's teacher, Ms. Starkey, handed out awards. Though he did howl and clap! The kids got a kick out of this as well as the parents.

Caitlin's class was a short awards ceremony, which probably has to do with the grade. She was awarded:

Math Award for Math Completion

Reading Award for Outstanding Reading Ability

Ms. Starkey announced to the class that Breanna moved to the school in the middle of the school year, yet everyday she challenged the class with her knowledge. She could not get over how intelligent Breanna is at such a young age. She was an excellent student and leader. The awards she received (which was more than the other kids):

P.R.O. Award ~ People Respecting Others for showing courtesy, kindness, consideration, and respect for his/her fellow students and teachers.

Outstanding Student for being a hard worker

Mathematics Achievement Certificate

El Paso Independent School District Honor Roll Certificate

Readers Are Leaders

Certificate of Merit in recognition of outstanding achievement in Physical Education (x2)

Certificate of Progress (penmanship in the second grade. Has made notable progress in keeping correct position, using proper movement and doing legible writing in all written work)

She also received two medals as awards.

Throughout the last half of the school year Bre also received multiple awards for Student of the Week, Good Attitude Award, Certificate of Outstanding Performance and Super Reader.

(I am trying to load more pics, but the blog is not agreeing with me right now. I will add more as it allows me)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sarah McLachlan Animal Cruelty Video

The night before last Nicholas came out of his room with tears streaming down his face. He ran straight to me, leaving me to think he had been hurt. I kept asking him what was wrong and in between his sobs he said, "Mommy. Puppy hurt". It took me a few minutes to get it all out and Caitlin's help to understand what exactly he was talking about. Turns out the Sarah McLachlan Humaine Society commercial was on TV and he was truly upset over the puppies that were hurt. He could not stop crying over it. Talk about breaking this Mom's heart! It took me a good half hour to convince him the puppy is better now. The video below is the one that broke Nicholas' heart. Another example of how amazed I am with the kids I have! How often do you have a three year old that is sensitive to an animal being hurt?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

We Are Moving

The latest on our move....
Well, it turns out we will be about ten minutes from where we our currently living! Not too much of a change as we were hoping for! We found a house that we are very thrilled to be moving into the weekend of August 1. We completed our walk-thru yesterday, July 14. Everything went very smoothly, except I forgot the camera at home and had to take pictures from my cell phone. Seems to happen a lot lately! It will be great for all of us to get out of the apartment we are in now that we know we are staying at Fort Bliss a little longer.  Below are some pictures of the house we are moving into.

The outside... Though the grass is much greener now.

The backyard. (The grass in front is the same shade of green now)

Standing at the front door looking in. The living room, dining room, & some of the kitchen.
From the dining room wall. The rooms look a lot smaller than they actually are.
Kev in the kitchen. He wrote on the checklist since his writing is the smallest.
Kitchen again as well as some of the dining room. We are going to have to get bar stools!
Hall Bath
Stairs leading to Master
View from top of staircase at master bedroom
Master Bedroom, from entry
Our bathroom!
Our walk in closet. We also have a smaller one in the bedroom. This one is in the bathroom.
Toilet in it's own enclosed area.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Grannie!

Happy Birthday Mama/Grannie! We sure wish we could be there to celebrate it with you! Even though we can't, just remember we are thinking about you! We hope you have a stressfree and enjoyable day!

♥ We love you and miss you bunches!!! ♥

In case you don't know who Grannie is, she is Kev's wonderful Mom!

Update on Britt

Today was the day of my GYN doctor appointment! Finally!!! It seemed like such a long waiting process to get to today. As it turns out, I am going to have to end up having the surgery in order to remove my ovaries and possibly my cervix. That will more than likely be determined the day of the surgery, if not at pre-op. Speaking of pre-op, I have to go in on August 2 at 315 (our time) for that. At that appointment they will give me the surgery date and time. Since all health information and lab work has to be accurate for the surgery, I should have the surgical procedure done within a few days of pre-op. From what the doctor said today, the OR has openings to slide me into right now. I clearly explained to him that my age should not play a factor in proper medical care. My health needs to be the main concern, which has been placed on the back burner a lot here lately. He fully understood and agreed. Since the ovaries produce estrogen, it continues to assist the growth in the endometreosis, as well as the ovarian cysts that seem to occur too often. The removal of my ovaries is the best option. Of course, I will have to take a hormone replacement for the next twenty to thirty years. The good part, I can take it every morning with my synthroid (thyroid hormone replacement). As you all know, I am on the synthroid for the rest of my life due to me no longer having a thyroid gland, so there will be no issue on making sure I take this new hormone medication following the surgery. I will also have to add calcium tablets to my everyday pill consumption since I do not drink enough milk daily. I am just not a big milk person! No big deal in order for me to feel better and enjoy life again! I feel as though I am missing out on a lot in my life with my family due to medical problems that keep occurring! I am ready to live life to the fullest everyday and enjoy as well as cherish the times I have my husband home with us. Not too much to ask for! There was a lot more discussed at the appointment, but no need to go into detail on here! I do promise to keep you all updated as I know more information!

I can never thank you all enough for all of your prayers and support through the medical issues I have been faced with. I have so many mixed emotions on a variety of things when it comes to my health. Yet, there are so many people that continue to remind me of all that I have and keep my spirits lifted. I would be lost without Kevin, our kids, our families, and the amazing friends (I consider you all family) that I have been so blessed with. Thank you for keeping me going and keeping the faith in it all!

We have yet to hear from Branch or receive orders. Sorry that we cannot update you all on that as well. Right now we are focusing on the surgery and recovery process. Of course, once we hear something we will update you!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Morning Surprise

Most mornings when I get up, I am able to walk into our clean and organized bedroom closet in order to find something to wear for the day without any scares! Not so much this morning! I walked into my closet, and like every other time, I did not scan around the top shelves. Why would I? Out of nowhere something above me starts to move around and of course it scared me! After I jumped back, I saw our cat, Roscoe sitting on top of my shorts. Not only way he just sitting there, but he had managed to move my clothing around in order to accomodate himself! Of course I had to take a picture to share with everyone! This cat keeps us on our toes almost as much as the kids do!

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Plane Will Take Me....

"I'm going to the bus stop in front of here so the bus can take me to the airport. Then I am getting on a plane and telling them to take me to Georgia to my Mawmaw's house. I'm moving in with her..."

So, the above is a statement made from our very verbal and hardheaded seven year old, Caitlin. I was out at Wal-Mart today while Kevin and the kids were at home. I had to pick up a few things for our enchilada dinner tonight. When I got home I was able to quickly tell it had been a chaotic hour that I was gone. Kevin was running around dealing with the kids and the girls had their "I hate the world" looks, and Nicholas was just running all over the place terrorizing anyone that was in his path! As I have said many times before, our house in nonstop at almost all times! Yet, we would not have it any other way. Okay, let me backtrack on that one. There are times that we would do almost anything for a short time of peace and quiet! Haha. Anyhow, back to my original story. Kevin told Caitlin to do something and she refused to listen. He continued and explained to her that if she choose to not listen then she would end up getting a spanking. Well, I don't think she liked that comment from Kevin. She turned to him and said,"I'm going to the bus stop in front of here so the bus can take me to the airport. Then I am getting on a plane and telling them to take me to Georgia to my Mawmaw's house. I'm moving in with her." Wow! Our child is already using this one! Though, there is no surprise that it came from Caitlin before the other two!

Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed 4th of July weekend!