Thursday, March 31, 2011

100 Facts, Part 2

Welcome back for Part 2 of my 100 Facts postings! : )  

26. I take online classes, which I am good at completing... But, the truth is, I tend to get somewhat distracted by facebook and blogging! Tough thing to admit! : )

27. When I am feeling overwhelmed or really upset over something, I turn to cleaning my house...Inside and out. 

28. I will be 28 in a little over a month and I am having problems accepting that I will be 30 in two years.

29. I passed the Border Patrol Exam with a very high score in January and am now waiting (along with everyone else) for the physical exam and academy process.

30. Over the past year, I have really cut a lot of people out of my life due to finding out who my friends are and the importance of building healthier relationships.

31. I went into kidney failure twice last year and almost lost my life due to the incompetence of a doctor. It has only been seven months since the first kidney failure and two surgeries, and four months (almost 5) since the second kidney failure.

32.  I have lived in El Paso for coming up on five years and am one of the few that do not absolutely despise this place. Maybe it is because of where I live out here.

33. I have always wanted to go into the criminal justice field....Specializing in Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism.... with a Masters Degree. 

32. I love to go shooting, but never have anyone to go with me.

33. My first experience with the military was when my husband decided to enlist. 

34. I REALLY want another big dog, but don't want the mess or the food purchases. 

35. We lived in Germany for a few years as a first duty station.... I am better friends with the people we were stationed with there than the ones here at Fort Bliss. 

36. Between my health issues and Kevin always being in the field while we lived in Germany, we were very limited to traveling. Yet, he did surprise me with a weekend trip to Paris, France. AMAZING! 

37. I fell in love with the German food and truly miss it!

38. I want to adopt a baby in a few years.

39. I love to get my nails done because when they are not, I bite them! Such a nasty habit that I cannot break.

40. I love to smile and just be happy. Not everyone enjoys it.

41. I am a very optimistic person, which some hate! 

42. I tend to base and form an opinion on someone upon first meeting them. First impressions are everything to me.

43. My life revolves around my children, their wellbeing, and happiness.

44. I am not a huge coffee fan, but will fight for some Starbucks! 

45. If things are not organized I go crazy... My husband teases me all the time saying that I suffer from OCD. 

46. Breakfast is the only mean I really hate making! I am just not one to cook eggs, especially omelets, the correct way. Yet, I can cook up a mean meal for lunch or dinner and I love to bake!

47. I am one of the girliest tomboys you could ever know. Yes, I am the girl dressed in heels and nice clothes, yet riding on a four wheeler or playing sports.

48. My grandmother (dads mom) is the only grandparent that is still alive. She will be 85 this July and is in good health, considering all she has been through.
49. As I write this, today (March 31) is my Grandmother's (moms mom)  birthday that passed almost 19 years ago. I attended her funeral and burial on the day of my 9th birthday....

50. I live for not only the day, but the moment and cherish every second of it. We never know what the future holds....


  1. hey girl, i love this page and readin ur 100 facts..
    ur a very strong woman, who has come along way! u should be proud of what u have/achieved!
    congrats lady, ur someone to look up to :) xox

  2. Thank you so much! I cannot tell you what this means to me. I appreciate you reading and your words!

    ♥ Britt