Friday, March 18, 2011

Monday Madness Through Maybe a Fearless Friday

Monday Madness ,Tiring Tuesday, Weary Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday…& Maybe Fearless Friday

The kids rooms are being completed today! How excited are we? Very much so! They have not had their bedrooms in a normal fashion since February 4, 2011 due to the house flooding! It will be so nice to see our garage return to normal and not storage for everything as well as a playroom! Hmmmm…. Maybe I can even park in there again! I wonder if that is high hopes?!?! Lol. As most of you know a few weeks ago we had Servpro in and they set up dehumidifiers and fans all throughout our house for a 48 hour period. We had to keep doors and windows closed during this time and keep all equipment running. Our house reached 89 degrees without the heat ever turning on! It was ridiculous!  So glad that is part of the past on this excitement that we have going on! Have you ever noticed that there never seems to be a dull moment in this household?

Currently the house is undergoing a mad “makeover”. We are having to endure new flooring being put down as well as walls downstairs being painted. 

*** The above is where I stopped on Tuesday! I could not even finish what I had started due the madness going on in our house this week! Hence the title of this post.***

Since Tuesday the downstairs walls have all been painted, the flooring is all in place, all baseboards in tact... and everything looks GREAT!!! I will post pictures this weekend....I hope. I won't promise, but I will certainly try. Kevin and I are very pleased with the turn out of everything. The house looks so much better with new flooring. Brighter and more open seem to be my choice of words lately. The wood blends very nicely with the tile and of course it is more kid friendly over carpet. Maybe the flood was a blessing in disguise! We spent all week with out living room in the garage, so of course it left us all in total turmoil trying to find odds and ends that we needed. The kids had to eat in the girls room a few time. A total bonus to them, not so much to us. In no way was there any excitement coming from the parents of the house.  On Tuesday morning I realized I had no room to cook breakfast because my pantry was taking over the counter tops, so I headed to the garage to grab the toaster and toaster pastry things; totally not remembering that we could not even get to our freezer out there because of the furniture stacked against it. Needless to say, the kids had pizza and pizza rolls for breakfast. Give me a break.... it covers the basic food groups! I should have won a "Cool Mom of the Day" award or something for pulling this one off!

The real fun begins tomorrow... the downstairs bathroom is showing signs of mold. With that being said, the bathtub has to come out and treatment behind it has to be done. The problem... The entire bathroom now has to come out! It is not large enough to move the tub out without removing everything else. This will make for an interesting week next week. For over two weeks now we have all been confined to one shower (upstairs), but we have had both toilets in working condition. This will not be the case after Monday until further notice. On a brighter note, it will not even come close to the eight weeks in Germany when we were without a kitchen due to renovations! At least we can manage and make do! 

On a sad note, the kids have been out of school all week for spring break and it has revolved around house repairs... I feel terrible for them this week! I know it has not been any fun, but they have been champs about it for the most part. The girls have really stepped up and helped me out a lot with keeping the house as picked up as we have been able to. I am hoping to get out tomorrow and either head to the park or maybe the free petting zoo with them. On Saturday we are planning on heading to Fort Bliss for a day at Old Fort Bliss to check out the vendor's and kids activities. Kev has to pull CQ (24 hr duty) that day, so we may as well take a much needed break from being cooped up.

Something to leave you with... My sweet, little man was sick on Sunday, so he crashed out on the couch. He's feeling totally normal now! I couldn't resist this innocent picture...

I will post pictures soon! Probably either tomorrow or Saturday! 

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