Thursday, February 25, 2010


On our way to Georgia Brittney's awesome sister(in-law), Whitney scored an extra ticket to the LeeAnn Womack, Reba, & George Strait concert in Atlanta. Whitney, Savannah & Britt's mom already had tickets for them to go and managed to get one for Britt as well. Britt has seen LeeAnn Womack years ago, but never Reba & George. Not to mention, it was a night out with her mom, Whitney & Savannah. A much needed night out! It was an amazing concert and a lot of fun with people that mean so much! The video on here is Reba singing "Strange", which instantly made Britt think of the girls. Breanna and Caitlin love Reba as much as Brittney and are always singing this song! Bre and Caitlin with Brittney are a lot like Britt with her mom when it comes to singing and just music in general!
Reba was just as good, if not better, in concert as she is on her recorded music!

Like Father, Like Son

Nicholas actually slept in while we were at Britt's Dads house! This is something neither of us are at all use to. Once breakfast was ready we decided we should wake the little man up. We walked in the room to find him still fast asleep... with his hands down his pants! Isn't he a little too young to be sleeping like this?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh-so-sweet Sisterly Love

Sweet, sweet sisterly love! Ha, we only wish! It seemed the only things the girl wanted to do tonight was fight and argue. It was nonstop all evening! As far as punishment goes, we tried the corner, we spanked them, we made them write pages of different sentences of things they would no do... None of these worked tonight for some reason! Then, it hit us, do what we did awhile back that made them finally listen... Make them stand in front of us hugging each other! Of course it did not bother Caitlin like it did Breanna. Caitlin was just fine hugging on Bre, which of course made Bre even more mad at the world than she already was! By the end of this, they were both so upset with us that they forgot they were ever mad with each other! I guess to sum it all up, our punishment worked!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Ride to the Front

We spent the afternoon going from one room to another in the Barracks, preparing for the single soldiers of 4/6 INF of 1/1 AD to finally start coming home from Iraq! *Very exciting to know this deployment is finally coming to an end!* We made pulled plastic off mattress, made beds and made sure each room had bottled water, sodas and snacks for the guys that would be in these rooms. Once you walked through the door there a living area, a bathroom and kitchen, along with two bedrooms. The brand new barracks have been built over the past two years and will be used for the first time by the guys returning from the deployment. When they left they were in trailers, now they return to such a better living area! Once we pulled the plastic off who knows how many mattresses, we started to walk back to the front. Nic decided he was tired of walking (it was way past naptime!) and decided to hop on to the plastic that Kev and Bre were dragging. This is how he made it to the front.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

This is My Country

The first grade classes performed on PTA night. They sang around eight songs for the parents and families. As always, they were all cute. We have a song that recorded from Britt's iphone, called "This is My Country". Caitlin is towards the top more near the left hand side. She has a red bow in her hair on the right side of her head.

Starting Him Young

On the way to see Kevin at work, I stopped for a coffee. I decided to stop at Starbucks since it is easier to go through a drive thru with Nic other than getting out and keeping him with me while in a gas station. Okay, well that and the fact that I LOVE Starbucks but limit myself to only stopping there every so often. As soon as we pulled up to order, Nic started telling me he wanted a drink so I decided to get him a chocolate milk. How cute is he with his little Starbuck's coffee cup in hand? The girls are the same way whenever they so much as see a Starbucks. They instantly want a chocolate milk from there! I always tell them we will get chocolate milk at the grocery store only to hear, "Mom, that's not the same. They have that whipped cream stuff on top there that's so good"... Guess we are starting them all out young....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Out with "Ma & Da"

We took Nicholas out for a little while since Kevin decided to come home early. The girls where still in school and we just wanted to get out of the apartment. Brittney is at home all day everyday now. We went to the camper place just to look at campers. Of course we are not in the market to get one since we have no idea where the Army will send us over the next 13 or so years. However, it is always fun to look! Nic had a blast looking, as did the two of us. But by the end of the afternoon, he was a worn out little man!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Out & About in El Paso

After spending most of the day at home today, we decided we all wanted to just get out. As we did yesterday, we just got in the truck and started driving. This time, staying in the area we live in! We started out by going to Sunland Racetrack & Casino to see the horses they have. We stopped at the stables across the street from the Casino and let the girls pet the horses. We have done this before and for the most part, the horses are all very friendly. Breanna and Caitlin fed them carrots and laughed the entire time! It was cute.

Following that we turned down a road that we have never been on before out here. One of the highways. We ended up at some historical land marks as well as the border. It was pretty neat! We were able to get right up to the new border fence they are putting up and able to see the Rio Grande from where we stood. As you can see from the pictures, there was a point that Kev and I were each on one side of the fence! We saw Mexicans playing in the Rio Grande... in our opinion it was a little too chilly to even consider that one! Not to mention there is no part of us that wanted to get in that anyways! Lol. We were able to get some pretty cool pictures of Mexico being as close as we were.

We drove through downtown and found a couple museums we want to eventually check out. Maybe in a few weeks we can! Driving home we saw some houses that we wanted to get a closer view of up on the Mountain tops. We drove up there and were able to get an amazing view of El Paso and Mexico. I bet it would be a very pretty view at night with all the lights! Something to check out later on.

After our driving we walked through Pier 1 just for fun then headed home to cook dinner.

By the end of the evening we were all exhausted and the kids were arguing over everything. It was a busy weekend for them!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Deming, NM

*** Below this post is a slideshow of the pictures we took on our day out ***

Around 11Am we decided to head to New Mexico, with no idea of where we would even end up. We loaded up the truck and just started driving. We ended up spending the afternoon in Deming, NM, which ended up being a real small town with museums and wineries! We all had an enjoyable day away from El Paso.

We started off at Luna Rossa Winery. Kevin and I both tried the wines and ended up choosing a bottle of white wine to take home with a wine glass from the winery. From there we drove around and ended up in the Historical part of Deming. Not that it was hard to locate considering the town was pretty small! The historical area held a two museums that we were able to tour before the closed. We arrived around 2:30 and they both closed at 4pm. The first one we went into was the Deming Luna Mimbres Museum. This is the one we took quite a few pictures at and put in the slide show. There was so much to see, from WWI memoribilias to vehicles to much more! The kids even had a blast checking out different exhibits! The museum was completed in 1916 and used as an Armory. It later served as a community social center and as a USO activity center. In 1977 Luna County Historical Society purchased the building to use as the museum once the Armory was finished. Following the museum we walked across the street to tour the Custom House. Everything in both museums was donated at one point or another.

After we finished with our historical viewing, we took a drive a few miles away to the St. Clair Winery, which is New Mexico's largest Winery. There we purchased another bottle of wine. (Kevin does have a glass with Brittney from time to time now! It was great having him there to taste wine with!) We bought the Gewurztraminer bottle of wine. It is a semi-sweet white wine with a light fruity taste. Of course, we had to come home with a wine glass from that winery as well!

We ended our day at the winery and decided it was time to head home. Nicholas went all day without a nap, so of course by this time he was getting pretty cranky as was Caitlin!

Deming, NM

Another Phone Lover...

Now that Nic has discovered that he can talk more, he LOVES to talk on the phone when given the oppurtunity! Britt was talking to her Mom while we were driving to Deming, NM when Nic yelled out, "Ma, I talk to Maw Maw". It was so cute! Not sure what all he told her since his vocabulary is still limited. Of course he talked about his cars and spiderman! Both of his favorite things! Nic is really putting things together and speaking in sentences at times. He understands most of what we say and answers now with either "yes", "no", or "no not". He also says thank you, welcome, and sorry when the time is right. For Spiderman, he says "piderman", so cute! When we are out he likes to say "mommy/daddy, see that?" or "you see?". He repeats almost everything as well now. We are just very thankful that the surgery from last summer was a success. It is great to know he can hear and is talking... and he talks a lot! Wonder where he gets it from?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fun at the Mall

The girls managed to talk us into letting them take pictures in the
photo machine at the mall out here. They ended up having some cute
pictures, while also loving the machine!