Saturday, September 6, 2008

Summer 2008

What a summer we all had! We kicked off the summer by taking a trip to Georgia. We spent a little over a week visiting with family and celebrating Mike and Maria's wedding with them. We all had a blast being able to see everyone! For Kevin, it had been well over a year since he had seen everyone. It was probably the last time he will be able to visit with anyone for possibly another two years. We are yet again planning for another deployment! At this point we do not know a whole lot on it.

We decided to let the girls stay in GA for six weeks after we left. Russell and Mom brought them back to us. Russell, Mom, and Ashton ended up spending about a week with us in El Paso. Of course, this visit was a lot easier than the last. Last year when they visited, Britt spent a couple days in the hospital from having Nicholas. The girls had a great summer being able to visit with all the Grandparents! We are still hearing stories on their adventures!

While they were away, we bought two new dogs. Spike, a tiny toy Chiuahua, and Dopey, a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff). Both have turned out to be great dogs! Over the summer we have taught Dopey to sit and stay. He is very gentle with the kids, though at times, I think he forgets his size. Oddly enough, Dopey and Spike have become inseperable! They play and sleep together! The girls were so surprised to have two new dogs when they returned. All Caitlin could say is that she has wanted a big dog for so long now! (Dopey was about 15 pounds then. He will get to be about 150lbs).

Nicholas enjoyed the summer being an only child! He ended up getting so much attention while the girls were gone! It was nice being able to spend more one on one time with him. He is of course walking, and now into everything! He is getting so big. It seems once again, time has just flown by!

The girls returned home about three weeks before the first day of school. School started for them on August 25. Breanna began First Grade this year and Caitlin is in Kindergarden. This is Caitlin's first year with a full day of classes! She is adjusting well, but it has been difficult for her at times. Breanna, as always, is loving school! We spoke with her teacher last week. She is ahead of the majority of students in her class and will more than likely be tested for the Gifted Program this year. She is reading very well now and always wanting to learn something new!

Kevin is still waiting on either points to drop or to gain more points for promotion. He is promotable now, but with the Army working with a point system, it can tend to take more time than needed.

Our Mini Kevin

Nicholas has found his side of fighting for something he wants. Cassidy and Nic were fighting over the phone.

Such a "Kevin look"
No denying this kid! He is a little Kevin!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

He's Caught!

I happened to walk by Nic's room, only to find him doing something he knows not to do! He has discovered the world of climbing...
Nicholas looking out his window...probably at the dogs. He has no idea he is even being watched.
"Oh, no. She caught me!" I have never seen him move so quickly!