Sunday, March 25, 2007

Welcome Nicholas Scott Biddle!

On March 21, 2007 we welcomed Nicholas into the world via c-section. He weighed 7.45 lbs and was 20 inches long. He is a healthy baby boy! Thanks to everyone for all your thoughts and prayers for Brittney and Nicholas. We had a little of a scare with him once he was here. His sugar level stayed low for the first five hours. The hospital kept him in an incubator and monitored him. Kevin could not stay in one place while he was there. He bounced back and forth between Brittney and Nick. Finally around seven that night the nurse brought Nicholas into our room. For the first 24 hours after birth Nicholas was checked every hour and before every feeding. After the first day, everything with him turned out great. We stayed in the hospital until mid afternoon on March 23. The c-section was a lot faster this time around than the other two, but as always there is a lot of recovering left to do!

Britt before surgery

Does Kev look excited?

Nicholas, a few minutes after birth in the OR

Nicholas in our room, March 21

Britt finally able to hold and feed her little man

Kevin feeding Nicholas for the first time

March 22, Britt with Caitlin and Nick

Kev trying to keep himself entertained after visiting hours are over!

Bre holding her new baby brother with Maw Maw

Nicholas, 1 day old

Mommy and Nicholas, March 22

One of the best moments captured, March 23

March 23

Getting ready to go home!
Thanks to all the nurses at Del Sol!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The night before Nicholas!

Brittney's parents arrived in town March 17. They decided to drive out here to stay with the girls during the c-section, and of course to see everyone. They are staying until March 24.

March 20, 2007. The night before we welcome Nicholas
March 20, 2007

March 20, 2007. Caitlin was afraid of the Easter Bunny, so she took a picture with her Daddy instead of the Easter Bunny with Breanna and Ashton.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

New Livingroom Furniture!

We bought a new sofa and love seat a little over a month ago. As you can tell, the dogs have already claimed a spot! Don't pay attention to the curtains, we have yet to buy new ones. They matched with the sofa and love seat we use to have. That is something we tend to forget we need to replace! Also, don't mind the mess on the table. Brittney's school books, papers, and laptop are all over the table from studying and testing!

Our baby boy!

These are pictures from our appointment today and from February 6. Everything looked great at the appointment today with Nicholas! Two more weeks!

March 6, 2007. Nicholas at 35 weeks. He looks irritated! They would not leave him alone trying to get a shot of his face. He was hiding. It looks a little distorted because right in front of his face is the umbilical cord.
Feb. 6, 2007. Nicholas at 31 weeks. As always, trying to hide! You can see his little nose and mouth in this one with his fist covering his eyes.

Feb. 6, 2007. Look, you can see his tongue!

Feb. 6, 2007. 31 weeks. Nicholas with his fist in front of his face!

Nicholas' Room, still a lot we are going to do!

We are not all all finished with Nick's room yet, but here are a few things we have for him.
Bouncie chair from Dustin & Whitney. Thanks guys!
Nicholas' Play Yard from Mom and Pops. Thank you so much!