Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Look Back on Our Weekend

This weekend was spent...well.... kind of lazy! I was sick all weekend. I had and am still having issues with my allergies, plus I managed to come down with whatever this funk is that everyone else has had lately. Let me just tell you, IT SUCKS!!! I have been coughing nonstop and just felt nothing short of miserable. Okay, maybe not miserable, but I am sure you know what I mean. It has not been any fun! We were going to just get out on Saturday, but honestly, I slept most of the day in hopes of feeling better.

Sunday was more productive. We decided to head to downtown El Paso just to get out of the house. When we drove by a parking deck, Kevin decided we should go to the top of a high parking deck to see the city. What an amazing view it was! The security guy told us we should come back on Friday or Saturday night and view it when it's dark, going on to tell us that the clubs all have strobe lights which makes it come alive. Plus, El Paso is always prettier with the lights! After talking, we may head up there this weekend just to check it out...if Kev feels up to it and can handle the lights.

Looking into El Paso

El Paso from the parking deck. Behind me was Juarez, Mexico

Mexico in the far distance

Mexico in the far distance

Downtown area, Mexico in the far distance

A small portion of downtown. I like this picture! I think it turned out with great features 

Looking down from the parking deck

After our adventures with driving downtown and through the amazing historic house district, we came home and decided to go for our nightly walk. We walked along the irrigation canals and through the dirt path that cuts through farm land. Yes, it is legal to go threw this area as long as it is before sundown. : ) The kids love our walks and look forward to them everyday! It seems as soon as they walk in the door after school they start asking if we can walk.

And for our captured moments of humor:

Yes, Nicholas is drinking lemon juice straight and not making a face at all! Gross! Yet, he seems to have taking  a liking to it....

Haha, we couldn't help but to laugh after thinking of the times we have threatened to strap the kids to the top of the vehicle if they didn't find a way to just get along!
The kids thought that someone had actually put their kids up there for misbehaving, which made it so funny!

Now, for the cute picture of the weekend:

Aunt Jeanette sent me this pic via text message of Bailey. Bailey was Scott's dog and one of the BEST Cocker Spaniels EVER! She is a wonderful and sweet dog who is fantastic with the kids. Couldn't help but to share this picture. : )

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