Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday to the Little Man of the House

Today was spent celebrating a special little man’s upcoming birthday! It is so difficult to believe that soon Nicholas will be four years old! This is the first year that Nicholas has truly understood the meaning of his birthday and showed pure excitement over it. It has brought smiles to my heart to see him so full of happiness. For the past few weeks the two of us have been out on the hunt for Spiderman Birthday items on a budget. We managed to succeed at this and to put it all together pretty nicely. Nic and I spent Friday cooking and prepping for today. We made almost all the food and baked all of the 50 cupcakes for today! The cupcakes were Nic’s favorite part of the whole ordeal. He especially loved the part that left us dying icing red and blue to fall into his Spiderman theme.

The girls and I waited until last night to wrap his gifts. We did this in order to leave Nic with no temptations of unwrapping presents! When he woke up this morning and discovered the gifts wrapped in the wrapping paper he picked out he ended up becoming overly excited, screaming that it was his birthday. It was so adorable to see this excitement. See, I took Nic a few weeks ago and let him pick out the wrapping paper for his presents. When he saw gifts wrapped up in it he knew that today was his special day!

Around this time the jumping balloon also arrived. Yes, it was Spiderman as well. He thought it was the coolest thing ever! Even though we still have a little over a week before he is four, he will tell you now that his age is four when asked. He says either “I four” or “I Nic and I four”.

Nic ended up with all kinds of clothing, trucks, spiderman toys, a robot, a truck flashlight, tools, a tool bench and more! He was very pleased with his gifts and the thoughtfulness behind them. He played hard outside after opening his gifts and ended up taking his robot everywhere with him. The robot and one of his trucks are right beside his bed at this moment while he sleeps in his new pajamas. I am so in love with this little man! When I tucked him in tonight he kept hugging me and telling me he loved me. I asked him if he had fun today and he told me “so much fun mommy. Thank you.” Then again he told me that he loved me. Nothing can melt a mom’s heart more than hearing her little ones express their love and gratitude. Not to mention there is just something extra special about a mama’s boy…. I now understand it all.

The girls were all mad at us because they got in trouble for fighting!

Thank you so much to the ones that came out today. And an even bigger thanks to Debbie for all the help with things today! I appreciate it so much!  Nicholas has truly had a wonderful day and is very blessed to have the ones in his life that he does! We all are!

Happy 4th (almost) Birthday to the best little man that I could have been blessed with!
This is my favorite picture of Nic! So cute! 

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