Wednesday, February 19, 2014

He's Got the Moves.... No, not really

Anyone that knows us, knows that our house is never calm! Okay, I lied, it is calm when the kids are all at school! When they are home, it is full of chaos - from laughter, craziness, shaking our heads and having to just walk off, to kids fighting, and even little parental spats.

The other night, we told the girls to do the dishes and Nic to sweep the kitchen floor. Of course, being that Kevin and I have music playing for every thing we do, our monsters have adapted to our lifestyle quiet well and also have to have music playing. A few nights ago, we had a mix of Brantley Gilbert, Miranda Lambert, and Jason Aldean playing. It doesn't get much better than those three!

During this, Brantley's new song "Bottoms Up" came on and this is what we caught Nic doing...

If you are viewing this via an email, you may need to go to to watch the videos.

Y'all, this child keeps everyone in our house and everyone he meets in fits of laughter! There is no telling what he will say, do, or the expressions he will make.  Sadly, these videos show that dancing is simply not his thing, then again none of us can really dance in this house. lol. But, he sure has fun doing it - and that, my friends, is all that matters!!!

I love these videos and I love the way he brings so much laughter into our lives!!!