Sunday, May 27, 2012

Stylin' for Summer: 31 Open House

I am holding an open house on Sunday, June 3 to introduce our June Special (which is one of the best), show our summer line, hold a couple giveaways, and for Father's Day shopping! We have a great variety of men products in our Summer line!

What is an open house? This is your time to come by and check out our products at anytime during the party hours. Drop by and stay for a few minutes, or come by and hang out for the entire time!

This event is open to all of my Mena friends and their friends. I will be hosting a special giveaway for the person that has the most people show up and a giveaway drawing that will have all attendees names placed in.

On June 3, the open house party will be at my house form 12-5, so please feel free to come by at any time. There will be a small table set up with refreshments and tables set up full of our products in order for everyone to see more of what we have. Anyone can purchase items at the party and book a party of their own if they want!

Please feel free to invite your friends via fb event, email, phone calls and word of mouth!

Contact me for more info and directions if needed! We are right down the street !

Brittney Biddle

Our company name exemplifies our mission, taken from the Biblical verses in Proverbs 31 that praise a noble woman who is hard-working and successful in and outside the home.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend: My Gold Star Family Tribute

Photo taken by Brittney Biddle
As Memorial Day falls upon us, many lose sight of what this day and weekend represent. While a large portion of our population is out taking advantage of their day off of work, no school, partying, cooking out and simply gathering with family and friends, sharing a beer or two, hanging out at the lake or whatever it is that they do - I hope they take a moment to realize what the true meaning is and why the last Monday in May is deemed as Memorial Day. It is not the gate that is opened taking us into the summer, though many look at it as that. After all, this is the day that the pools typically open and boats are taken to the lake welcoming the beautiful weather.

In the reality of it all, this day and weekend is about remembering those that have layed down their lives as they fought to keep our nation free and safe. It is about the families that have been left behind. This weekend is dedicated to our service men and women that gave the ultimate sacrifice, their lives. It is in memory of those who so bravely served, never to return to their families. It is about the families that patiently waiting for the return of their loved ones, to receive the dreaded knock on their doors. Remember that as you are out enjoying this weekend. Remember the true heroes and their sacrifices.

In lieu of this weekend, I am hosting an event with my Thirty-One. Proceeds from this event will be donated to one (or two organizations depending on the proceed amount) for the families of our fallen heroes. This event is currently open and will close the morning of May 31, 2012. (This months special is for every $31 you spend, you can purchase an All-In-One Organizer for $5 - Item 3258).

Please shop at this link:

Or, by going to
Click on "Place an Order"
Click on "Shop Now" next to Memorial Weekend: Gold Star Tribute

Please share this event and blog with your family and friends so we can make a nice donation. Without this event being successful, I cannot make a donation.

I am praying and thinking about all of the Gold Star Families that will feel the immediate affect of Memorial Day. My husband came home from his deployments, but many of our friends did not. There is never a day that we do not think about them. They will NEVER be forgotten.

To stay updated with the events that I host for things like this, please request to join my Facebook Group Page at You are more than welcome to add your families and friends to this group. If you are ever interested in hosting an event, such as this one or any kind, or a fundraiser, please contact me at Thank you.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Things to do when your Spouse has Combat PTSD

They warn you about the dreaded knock on the door. They warn you about the possibility of the physical injuries that can be incurred. They tell you about the days and weeks that one may go without hearing from their loved ones while deployed and what a "blackout" means. They explain the days and nights of worries, fears, and loneliness. They explain to you that you'll need your friends that are experiencing the same things. Yet, through it all, they don't warn you about PTSD. They don't explain to you that just because the deployment is over that the war will never really end. This war I am referring to is the war within, the war that many come home with and that never leaves.

Many service members return from deployments struggling with coping and the acceptance of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. PTSD is a chemical change in the brain after going through a traumatic experience. Of course, one can understand that combat experiences are more of a traumatic experience than most can imagine. Some of the men and women that come back from war are forever changed. They are no longer the easy going, carefree, people that left full of life and some innocence. They have flashbacks at undetermined times, they struggle with anger issues and emotional issues, and they become isolated, overwhelmed, and anxious. They lose sight of how life was in the time before. They spend many sleepless nights due to nightmares and night sweats. Many may avoid loud and crowded places, celebrations, and situations that they may have no control over. To them, everyone can be a threat. It is said that an estimated 25% of returning combat veterans come home with PTSD.

This leaves many spouses of service members with PTSD with their own personal battles, wondering how to adjust and what to do through these times and episodes that may exist. They find themselves clinging to the past in hopes that the person they sent to war will eventually return, all the while knowing that more than likely will not happen. There are five things that come to mind when it comes to a spouse accepting and adjusting. I have done these things being that I am a wife of a multi-combat veteran.

Give your Spouse Space.
Trust me; giving your spouse space is a necessity! They have to have this space so they can personally adjust and process all that they have been through and experienced. Even though you find yourself trying to adjust to the changes, they are the ones trying to discover their place in life and who they are.

Never Hound Them for Answers.

The worst thing a spouse can do is constantly nag and hound the veteran for answers and to explain what they experienced. There are things that take place during deployments that many people cannot handle even knowing about. Most of the time, the service member is not going to want to share the gory details of what they have witnessed and had to do. Accept this and move on. If your spouse does want to share their stories, sit back and listen. Never pressure them to keep talking when they can no longer talk. There are stories that will be broken into bits and pieces. Be thankful if they are opening up to you, even if it is just the smallest amount of communication on what they have experienced.

Get Educated

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get educated! Lack of knowledge on this topic can end up making a person crazy when PTSD is involved. The more you know, the more you can help. The more you know the better off you are and the more you can understand the vets mood changes and frustrations. Becoming educated will give you a better understanding as to how to deal with and handle the bad moments and why they battle PTSD.

There are many online resources to help with this education, such as:

Family of a Vet, Inc
Clayton Stress
Give An Hour
Operation PTSD

Find a Hobby
As a spouse of an injured veteran, you are going to need a hobby to keep yourself grounded! Take an interest in blogging, scrapbooking, aerobics, exercising, crafting, sports, or anything else that has been of an interest to you. Find something just for you to help you ease your mind. You will need this, especially when days get bad and episodes are active. Becoming involved in a hobby you truly enjoy will ease your anxiety and emotions that will begin once living in a house with PTSD. Creativity really shows through when a person has a lot on their mind. It's a wonderful outlet!

Take Personal Time
The most important things for you as a spouse, take some personal time for yourself! You have to have this to maintain your sanity with this life. Go get your hair and nails done, walk through the mall, spend time sitting in a park, take a hot bath, read a book, or whatever else you find relaxing. With whatever you do, make sure you always remember yourself and take the time you need and deserve. In no way does this make you selfish when you take a time out, instead this will save your relationships and save you emotionally and physically. It is crucial that when going through hard times, you take the time you need to process and adjust as well.

PTSD and anything combat related affects the family as a whole, not just the veteran. Always remember that and never lose sight of who you are.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

OJ Incentive

Opportunity to Join Incentive

Thursday, May 31, 2012 marks the last day of our OJ Incentive! You still have a week to enroll with Thirty-One and thirty days after you enroll to earn you kit FREE!!! Yes, you read that right, FREE! With $1,000 in sales during the first 30 days of being a consultant your kit will be free. Earning your kit is SUPER EASY and a ton of FUN!!! Not to mention, you also receive commission on all orders!

To anyone that joins my team during the incentive period: I am also personally rewarding each new team member of mine that has over $1,000 in sales during their first thirty days with a Large Utility Tote of their choice and a Top-a-Tote (lid for the Large Utility Tote). This is a great opportunity for military wives, Caregiver wives, students, and stay at home moms!

Contact me today to join my team and to share this amazing opportunity with me!

Also, request to join my Facebook Group Page! On this page, I share all of our specials, giveaways, and much more!

May's Special - For every $31 spent, our All-In-One Totes are $5!!!! Perfect tote for anyone to carry and a perfect gift!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Entering the Last Year of My 20's

On Wednesday, May 9, I entered the last year of my 20's. Hello 29! What a change from 28 to 29! I don't even know where to start on what has happened and how life has changed since the day I turned 28. For starters, we are no longer living the army life and we are no longer in El Paso (as most already know). Kevin was medically retired from the army in January of this year and we have been living in Arkansas since he went on leave in November of 2011. This year has brought a lot of loss into my life, family and friends, and I have spent a lot of time reflecting over life in general. (See blog posts prior to this one.).

This year has also brought happiness to our house. Until this birthday, the last one that I was able to spend with Kevin was in 2003. Since then, he has either been in the field, on deployments, or in training for more than a few weeks (months) at a time. For the first time in nine years, my husband was actually home to spend the day with me and you know what, I could not ask for anything more than that. Having Kevin and the kids home to celebrate my birthday and Mother's Day with me made it all perfect! There was nothing else that could have made my day any better than it was. We hung out around the house, got out for a bit, and even went to dinner that night. AMAZING. Too often I hear people complain about what their spouse did not get them or that their spouse was late getting home or plans were messed up and all I can think is how blessed they are just to have their spouses home. I have spent countless days, nights, weeks, and months without Kevin by my side due to the army and just to have him home this year meant the world to me. It made me realize just how blessed I am and how much I do cherish what I have. The best things in life are the most priceless ones.

This past weekend, Stephanie and I took off for a girls day/night out to Little Rock for a Dierks Bentley concert. We spent the morning driving to Little Rock, stopping at a couple stores in Hot Springs. We checked out the mall in Little Rock, ate lunch at Red Lobster, and then headed to The Verizon Arena for some country fun! Cadillac Black and The Eli Young Band opened for Dierks. All were absolutely amazing!!! Steph and I had pit passes and were literally at the stage, in the front. Oh My!!! All three rocked the stage and turned the evening into an freaking fabulous time out and made our birthday celebrations fantastic! Of course, after the concert we got back on the road for our three hour drive home.

Pit Pass!!!
We were right at the stage
Stephanie and me
Eli Young Band
Eli Young Band
Eli Young Band
Dierks Bentley
Dierks Bentley
Dierks Bentley
Dierks Bentley
Dierks Bentley
Dierks Bentley

 Thank you to everyone that made this birthday special, most of all, thank you to my amazing husband, Kevin. I could not ask for more than what I have been blessed with. Having Kevin home this year was the best birthday gift ever.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Giveaway at Britt's Gifts

I am currently hosting a Giveaway in my Facebook Group, Britt's Gifts. Click on the link and request to join my group if you are not already a member of it!

There will be more giveaways in the future and I am always sharing the latest news from Thirty-One and our monthly specials.

Don't forget to check out

The Giveaway from now until Friday is one of our Zipper Pouches...

Friday, May 11, 2012

Gifts for Graduates & Teachers

In the blink of an eye, the 2011-2012 school year flew by us and now many of us find ourselves searching for the end of the year gifts for our children's teachers and graduates! This is where Thirty-One products come in and become a PERFECT gift!

Teachers are always overloaded with flowers and candy, so why no do something different for them that they can always use? Our Carry-All-Caddy makes a fabulous gift for teachers. They can store supplies, cards, markers, Kleenex, and so much more in our caddy's! I have one sitting in my office that has a box of Kleenex in it and hand sanitizer and lotion in the pouch. Great and inexpensive idea! The Caddy's are $12 plus, tax/S&H. Item 3401.

I am hosting an online catalog party for Gifts for Graduates & Teachers at until May 13. You can also order at anytime outside of the catalog party at Just click on Place an Order followed by clicking on Click Here if your shopping is unrelated to an event. 

Happy Shopping!!!

Please contact me for any questions or concerns!
Brittney Biddle

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Removing Wallpaper with Fabric Softener

Our painted dining room

Earlier this year I found myself staring at the walls of our dining room wanting to rip the wallpaper off and modernize the room. Needless to say, within no time at all that is what I found myself doing.

As I started to attempt ripping the 30+ year wallpaper that was on the wall I came to the quick realization that it was not budging the way I had hoped it would. I tried so many things in hopes that it would make the wallpaper removal easier and sadly had no  luck for the first couple of days. After different mixtures, I discovered the BEST wallpaper removal trick there is and am going to share it with you!

If you are removing wallpaper and discover that it is not peeling off like you want it to, go to the store and pick up a spray bottle and fabric softener. Any kind will work, though personally I like the way Downy smells and decided to go with that.Mix half hot water and half softener into the spray bottle and start spraying the area you are working in. Don't go overboard and spray all over the place, take your time and just spray in a small area. Once the mixture soaks for a minute or two, you can literally scrape the wallpaper off without any force or much effort.

I can now say that our dining room looks MUCH better and we all LOVE it!

Before we ripped off the old wallpaper and painted
Just a very small portion of the mess
Bare walls!
Our dining room AFTER we painted and put up the chair rail