Sunday, March 20, 2011

Here You Have It....

Drum roll please….. Okay are you now ready for this? Our living room, dining room, and bedrooms are…. COMPLETE!!! Yes, you have read right. We now have painted walls, all floors in, and baseboards up! Our house looks great! I have to say, I really think this house flood was a blessing in disguise! The new flooring looks SO much better than carpet. It leaves the house with a more open, cleaner feeling. Not to mention it is more forgiving with the kids tracking dirt in or spilling something. I am just overly concerned about toys and furniture scratching it. Hopefully the felt tabs that we have placed under the furniture work as they are supposed to. I was so excited on Thursday evening to move the furniture back in the house, clean the garage, and CLEAN the house! Yes, you read right again. The OCD clean freak that I am found joy out of dusting, sweeping, and mopping!

 Pics of kids room soon!

Speaking of cleaning the garage… I can now park in it again! How cool is that? I know I am loving it and think it is just the grandest thing ever! Okay, so not ever, but it cuts pretty darn close to it! I know this sounds pretty insignificant think to most. However, to me, it’s a pretty meaningful thing. For almost two months our double car garage has had enough room for us to walk through. I do mean this as a literal thing. The path through the garage was tiny and pretty twisty. On Thursday when the house (all except the bathroom) was completed, Kevin and I moved all the furniture back in and managed to get it situated. On Friday I spent a considerable amount of time cleaning everything! Well, almost everything. I went through boxes and bags. I placed things in the house where they belonged, I threw things away, I put items in a “to be donated” pile. I CLEANED!!! 
The end result……:

Yes, Kev just shook his head at how the smallest of things put a smile on my face! Lol.

On Friday the guys showed up and removed the bathtub from the downstairs bathroom. When I write removed, I mean they straight ripped it out! Our bathroom looks incredibly bare now. As of now, Servpro is coming in on Monday to scrub the wood down and treat it to prevent mold forming at a later date. Once that is taken care of the contractors will come back in, replace the bathtub, tile the area surrounding the tub, replace insulation, walls, paint the bathroom and whatever else. Then our house should be just about completed. Well, except for the baseboards in minor repairs in the garage. We can't wait! We are just excited that after two months we will have some normalcy back in out lives.

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