Monday, May 2, 2011

Our Decision on Moving Has Been Made.......

A couple months ago, after serious thinking, Kevin and I made the final decision on where we are going to move to following his medical retirement. We have picked a town that Kev fell in love with right away, a small town that has a population of around 5600 people, located away from big cities. A beautiful little town that is surrounded by mountains.... Somewhere perfect to raise our kids and somewhere perfect for Kev and his PTSD and TBI. We need to be somewhere that we can focus on us and away from the chaotic life we have come to know a little too well.

We are moving to........................

You read right, Mena, AR. We absolutely love it there and cannot wait to start a new chapter in our lives. Mena is located in Polk County, near the Oklahoma border. It's about 55 miles from Fort Smith, AR; 144 miles from Tulsa, OK; 150 miles from Little Rock, OK; 192 miles from Dallas, TX; and of course Atlanta...We will be 660 miles away from Atlanta. Which, as we all know, is a lot closer and an easier drive than we have had in eight years now! The drive to Atlanta will take around eleven hours.

Sites to check out on Mena:

Everything is still the same as far as Kev's retirement goes. We are still waiting on Fort Bliss, Fort Lewis, and everyone else that is involved. The military is a little behind. As of now, he will be done with the army sometime late this year and at some point following this, we will be headed to Mena. We have no summer plans on coming out to GA, however, our house is always open to family and friends that want to visit, nor do we have plans or any idea as to when the next trip out there will be. Sorry we cannot give you any more information than that. We just have a lot going on here and are focusing on our family. 

There are still a lot of health battles that are taking place as I write this. Tomorrow morning Kevin has to undergo a surgery to remove another cancer spot from his face. Once we are moved and settled, he will have to undergo another surgery for disc replacement in his neck. I have another colonoscopy scheduled for next week due to intestinal issues I keep having. I am still waiting to hear on a surgery date for my lower spine and coccyx. There is more going on past what I have mentioned and will write about is as I know more. 

We hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

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