Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Adventures in Haircutting

Last week was a personal catch up day for a couple of kids in the house. On Thursday I had to take Bre and Nic to the salon for haircuts, as you can tell in the pictures they were in much need on one! Breanna has decided to get more of a girl cut and get rid of the stringy hair that has been driving me crazy! She never wanted to take time to style it, so it was literally hanging in her face and just looked a mess! I LOVE her new cut and how she carries the style now. 

Nic was beginning to look real shaggy and close to like he had no home, so he was also in need of a cut. He did great through his time in the chair. Normally, Kev shaves his head, but this time we had to get it cut somewhere else. The picture of his final cut is as he was sitting in the chair and the stylist was trying to add gel to make it look cute. His hair was just not in an agreeing mood this day. (The cuts were on April 28, not 29).

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