Friday, May 6, 2011

March Monster Jam in El Paso

Early March, Kevin and I had our first date night in quite awhile. Monster Jam was in town and for the first time ever, we were able to go. It was held at UTEP's stadium. This was the first one for both of us to attend, which was of course a lot better than watching it on TV as we typically do. The only down part was the crowd was hard on Kevin. which made us rush out of the stadium as soon as it was over. Overall though, it was just nice to be out with Kevin for once. Next date night that happens, I can already tell you, will NOT take place in a stadium or anywhere with a lot of people. I felt terrible for even wanting to go and even worse for us going. Especially since I know that the main reason he agreed to attend was for me. 

Of course, we watched Grave Digger do his thing and as always, he did an awesome job!

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