Friday, May 20, 2011

Sunday Funday ~ Re-cap

This past Sunday we spent the day at home, just relaxing and enjoying each other's company. I was able to spend some time on a new Real Estate Course that I am testing out for a school, which was needed! The kids played and cleaned their rooms. Kev found comfort in doing absolutely nothing until later in the afternoon. 

Once late afternoon hit and the sun wasn't too bad, we all headed to the backyard. The kids and Kevin played football for awhile... until Bre kicked it over the back wall and I had to go get it. Which, by the way, is about a nine foot drop into the storm drain area. Since we are over 100 days into this drought of no rain, of course it is more than dry back there. Once over the wall though, I had to walk the long way back home. I was excited because I was able to capture some really good moments while they were all playing.

Once the kids had the football back, they continued playing in the backyard while we cooked dinner. The girls stayed on the side of the yard that was dry, while Nic played in the section of the sprinklers and ended up soaked. Of course, when the sections changed, so did the kids. Following dinner and baths, we took the monsters into the backyard again, this time to make smores. They had a blast! Sunday was a great way to end our weekend!

*** Update on Kevin***
Kevin's face looks absolutely amazing from the surgery to remove a cancerous spot! The incision site healed very nicely and the scar really isn't noticeable! The surgeon did a fantastic job. Thanks to everyone for the prayers during this time! 

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