Sunday, May 8, 2011

El Paso Sandstorms

We had some terrible sand storms the week of the traumatic tornadoes that hit so much of our country, which is why I did not say anything about our sand storms. We had winds that were up to 75mph, and sadly, it's something that we tend to be use to in El Paso. It doesn't happen all the time, but often enough that most of us know how to handle them. Driving in the winds is terrible and there is no going outside. It gets so bad, Breanna will call me on the bus to ask me to pick them up at the bus stop.

Kevin managed to take some pictures from his phone while sitting in his car on post. Thankfully, our houses out here are made for this kind of weather. About the only thing they are made for! We learned in February that El Paso houses are not made for the cold! lol. When we have the real windy days, everyone stays inside and limits all outdoor activities. Bre has to really watch out because those days put her asthma into full swing. When I say sandstorms, I mean the wind is so strong you can't see but a couple feel in front of you. The sand hurts and burns when it slams into your skin and you find sand in places that you never thought sand could land! 

The biggest downside to it, is that it kicks Kev's PTSD into full swing. It brings the flashbacks from Iraq. They had sandstorms all the time. El Paso is the worst place to be for these guys returning from war! It really angers me that they allow them to come here after living the hell they lived over there. There are too many things in El Paso that remind our troops of being deployed! However, I will save that topic for another blog! Probably on my other site.

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