Monday, May 23, 2011

All Smiles

Last Thursday we received a package from my dad and Barb, full of goodies for the kids and my birthday gift. Let's just say the kids had a blast opening everything in the box! Everything was a big hit. Nic slept with his ball and even decided to sneak his bubbles into his room. The snake slept by his head. The girls instantly put their glass dolls on their dresser for safe keeping and placed their bracelets and headbands right next to their clothes for school the next day. Of course, Friday afternoon, all three sat in the middle of the floor and spent time together coloring and painting.

Thank you so much, Dad (Grandpa), Barb (Grandma Barb), (Uncle) Josh, and (Aunt) Katie for everything! We miss you all very much and love you even more!

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