Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day of 2011

Happy Mother's Day 
to all of our
Family & Friends

Today was spent pretty much like every other day. Nothing too exciting took place as we spent the day at home. For the most part the kids have been amazingly well behaved, which has been the highlight of my day! Can't complain when all three of the little ones manage to get along and do as they are told. Perfect Mother's Day gift! 

This morning the girls gave me the gifts they made for me at school over the past week. Very creative! They were both so excited to finally give them to me this morning. Seems that since Friday they have been trying their hardest to not spoil their surprises!

Caitlin made me a book with her picture on the outside and the sweetest letter on the inside. She drew me a few pictures at school, including a real good one of Arthur. She did a wonderful job drawing and coloring him! Once home, she borrowed my stapler so that she could add more pages to it with more drawings and some more that she wrote. Of course, Nic was beyond excited when she gave it to me and said, "Look Mom. Look at what we made you." How cute! Caitlin was awesome with not telling him that she made it. She let him enjoy his moment, which made me very proud of her. 

Breanna ended up making a few things in class for me. Her teacher had some great ideas for them! She made me a magnet with her photo inside of it and a little keepsake box, both out of Popsicle sticks. The box has marbles on the bottom, as legs, and the top has a marble on top in order to take the cover piece on and off. She also cut out a tea pitcher and inside of it, she wrote me a sweet note and included a Cinnamon Flavored Tea Packet.    

We hope each and every mother out there had an amazing Mother's Day! Remember the moms that are serving overseas right now, as they are away from their children and families on this day! May they always remain in our hearts and in our prayers. Praying they all come home safely! ~Britt


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