Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

What a busy, yet wonderful Easter weekend we had! Seems like it has been awhile since Kev has been home for Easter and we have been able to enjoy this holiday as a family. Friday we had a doctors appointment, then met some friends at our house and headed a few miles down the road to the Wild Horse Auction. BLM gathers wild horses  and burros, then sets up auctions with these horses across the nation. They had yearlings and up in age.

"The Bureau of Land Management’s top priority is to ensure the health of the public lands so that the species depending on them – including the nation’s wild horses and burros – can thrive.   To achieve that end, the BLM’s wild horse and burro program must be put on a sustainable course that benefits the animals, the land, and the American taxpayer."
~BLM Director Bob Abbey

We found a female yearling that we wanted to bring home with us then! All the horses were skittish, with the exception of a couple yearlings. The one that we fell in love with was gorgeous and very sweet. She came right to us and let us pet her and even loved on the kids. It was amazing to watch. Breanna and I watched as they loaded many of the horses into trailers after someone purchased them. They had real good prices on the horses, but keep in mind, you still have to get them home and break them. They are wild! If we had land and the money, the sweet one that we hated to leave, would have been coming home with us that day!

We spent Saturday around the house preparing for Sunday. On Saturday we made some of the food for the lunch planned on Sunday. I made a ton of chocolate lollipops, which I must say turned out real cute and were a total hit on Easter! Other than that, we had a low key day and just sat around. It was nice to be do nothing for once!

Following dinner on Saturday, the kids watched a movie with us, then one by one took a bath and got ready for bed. Once they were in bed and the house quieted down, the Easter Bunny decided to visit and leave each little one their goodies!

A little too early on Sunday morning, we were awakened by the little ones of the house. It never fails, Christmas and Easter mean a very early start to the day! We all got up and moving around the then headed downstairs and let the kids enjoy their buckets and pails filled with all kinds of goodies, candies, and crafts!

Following our morning of fun and baskets, we then cleaned house and made sugar cookies in preparation of The Miller's coming over to eat lunch with us and let all the kids get into some serious egg hunting! Easter was not a big lunch this year. Instead, we stuck to hamburgers, hotdogs, and sides! A meal that you just can't go wrong with. Before lunch, we hid eggs, then set the kids loose in my backyard. The backyards in El Paso are very small, but we really didn't realize just how small until it came time to hide the eggs and we ended up being very limited on hiding spots!

We hope each and every one of you had a blessed Easter and remembered the reason behind this special day. 

Happy Easter from 
The Biddle's

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