Monday, January 31, 2011

What I didn't Expect

As I sat in the waiting room of the GI doctor’s office with Kevin and Nicholas, I honestly expected to hear that I would be put on more medication for the form of colitis I have. What I didn’t expect to hear was the word “tumor”, even if it did come with the work benign before…..
As most of you know, in November of last year I was admitted into the hospital for kidney stones and colitis, which led to me falling back into kidney failure again. During my stay I had to undergo multiple test and labs. One of the days during my weeklong visit, I had to go through a colonoscopy in order for the gastrointestinal (GI) specialist, Dr. Tune, to have a better look at my colon. During this procedure a mass was found inside my colon and a biopsy was taken. Ulcers and minimal internal bleeding was also discovered, both stemming from the colitis. I was sent home on a variety of pills to take throughout the day for the weeks to follow.

This morning I had my follow up appointment and check up with Dr. Tune. I really like and trust this doctor. He also did the endoscopy I had done in January 2009 when I was admitted for the thyroid storm I went through. Some of you may remember how mad I was over that! The “amnesia” meds did not work properly, so needless to say, I was able to recall the whole experience. They told me to go to sleep afterwards, so I would forget everything, but with me being so stubborn, that never happened.  Back to today, after my exam he had me meet him in his office in order to discuss the report that held the results. He then proceeded to tell me that I have a benign tumor in my colon. During the colonoscopy, he did perform a biopsy on the mass that was found in my colon. The lab is stating it is benign. I am being monitored for the next few months and have a follow up appointment on 13 April 2011. At this time, a second colonoscopy will be scheduled. The doctor wants to check the size and form of this tumor. At this time we will also discuss treatment options depending on the outcome.

I also found out through Dr. Tune that endometriosis can also be found in the Colon if not removed properly… He does not think this is the case at all. However, during the colonoscopy after April, he is going to look for this as well. If Beaumont did not remove it all, then it could have started forming on my intestines as well as other organs. Please just say a prayer that all was taken care of. We have been made aware that due to the multiple abdominal surgeries I have had to endure; I stand a very high chance of surgeries at a later date because of scar tissue buildup throughout the abdominal and pelvic cavities. The scar tissue is already surrounding my colon and was not removed when my ovaries were. This may too be an issue. We will of course know more at a later date. The scar tissue can and will mock the same symptoms as the endometriosis I was diagnosed with a few years back. At this point, we are at a standstill and are praying for no more surgeries in the near future. I am not at all ready for anymore (not that anyone really ever is). I am just ready to get past everything and start living my life with Kevin and our kids.

As I know more, of course I will let you all know more. You all know how it goes. Everything with health and a lot in life is a waiting game. Patience is the key to it all. I am hoping to know more on April 13.
Just please, keep praying…..