Sunday, January 2, 2011

Best Buddies

Breanna and her friend (our adopted daughter), Destiny, are pretty close to what you could call inseparable! Destiny is one of the sweetest and well behaved kids that we have welcomed into our home. She spent right at a week at her moms and the girls texted constantly and Bre was upset because Destiny was in Colorado. The day after she returned to El Paso the girls began their normal act of being attached at the hip....right down to welcoming the new year in! Lol. We had Destiny's family over to celebrate and welcome 2011! More pictures and details to come. The picture included in this post is from New Years Eve. It is extremely cute and one I just have to share! I'm going to purchase two "best friends" frames and have two copies developed of this picture for Bre and Destiny to keep. They just don't know this yet!

We hope you have all started 2011 off with a bang! May this year leave you full of memories to always cherish! Take a ton of pictures and always remember to keep a smile of those gorgeous faces!

*I love this photo! Perfect of these two!*

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