Friday, January 7, 2011

Let the Drama Begin....

I needed time out of my always chaotic house last night, so I decided to head to Starbucks and update the blog as well as work on some school things I have going on. During this I decided to take Bre with me, as well as her friend Destiny. While we were all working (I was busy with school and each of the girls homework), one of the kids they associate with called Bre and told her she was mad at the two of them, then proceeds to hang up on Breanna. Really, is that all necessary? Anyhow, Bre tried to call her back, yet had no luck. This is when the war of texting began. After about ten minutes of it I told Bre that they all needed to stop and either be friends or leave each other along. This daily game is getting old very quickly. This is the point that Bre feels the need to call her back.... Destiny had to listen but couldn't speak and Breanna was talking. Below is the picture to the drama of nine and ten year olds.... Aren't they too young for this?

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