Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Years!

Happy New Year!

Wow, where did 2010 go? This past year flew by, more so than the past years in my opinion! 2010 was a year that I am not sure I can really put into the proper words…. It was full of ups and downs and left us with so many obstacles to overcome. We lost people we love and formed new relationships with others. We have wonderful memories to always cherish and some we would like to forget. We battled major medical issues and were able to be fully treated for others. We faced many eye openers that left us more grateful for the simple and small things in life….

Earlier in the year, I was denied short term disability after a work related injury and Kevin managed to talk me into quitting my job. Which, in the end was the best decision ever made. In February we lost an amazing man on the Hinds/Bost side of the family. My stepmom’s Dad passed away towards the end of the month. Yes, Kevin was able to be placed on emergency leave and we attended the funeral. We hated the reason for being in Georgia, but as always it was nice to see everyone.
In August I had to undergo a laparoscopy in order to have my ovaries removed. My battle with ovarian cysts and endometriosis once again had reached a level of severity that left me in a rough condition. William Beaumont Army Medical Center did not properly cauterize the sites where my ovaries were removed, sent me home four hours following the surgery full of internal bleeding and unable to urinate, four days later leaving me in full kidney failure. In the ER and once admitted, the doctors informed me that I should not have lived. What can I say; I have plans with life and am not ready to leave. I have three kids and a husband that I plan on sticking around for! I had to undergo a second (emergency) surgery at Providence to correct the one that almost cost me my life. It took awhile before I was cleared and out of the life or death danger zone. Every day I thank God for giving me another chance at life and have learned to let go of a lot, as well as cherish everything! Life is such a precious thing that is often taken for granted. I came so close to death and plan on living every day to the fullest.

Around the same time, we found out that Kevin has skin cancer. He is still in phase II, and sees the dermatologist on a regular basis. They have cleared up so many spots that were on his face. It is only on his face and neck, and only the skin. It has not spread into his blood, lymph nodes, or elsewhere. They caught it in time!  

We have not received any updates on what is going on with Kevin’s discharge from the army. He is being medically retired based on the severity of his PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), and many other multiple combat related issues. His back and neck are injured; both of his arms and hands have nerve damage (he had surgery in 2009 on both arms), his knee has gotten worse, and a few other things, all which are being treated. The deployments really took a toll on him. At this moment, all we know is that he will be on retired status sometime within the next few months. Kevin is under the care of specialists for everything he is going through.

The kids had a pretty good year. We did find out that Breanna will have to undergo a tonsillectomy soon (January 14). She has had multiple tonsillitis infections, respiratory infections, and issues with her asthma since August. She has kept her Honor Roll Status at school. She has to miss over a week of school for the surgery, so we are worried about her grades during this time. However, it is better that she misses one week of schook to recover, verses a week here and there because she is sick. Nicholas has become clearer with his speech over this past year. Wow, the kid can talk now! He goes nonstop and we love every minute of it. He is working hard on counting, his ABC’s, colors, and shapes. Caitlin has come such a long ways with her reading. She has improved in so many ways with her school work.  We are proud of each of them and the changes this past year has brought.

Our New Year was spent at home with the kids and some friends of ours! Very nice way to bring in 2011! Still seems so odd to write that. Time has gone by way too quickly! It is hard to believe that in 2011 we will celebrate Caitlin’s 8th birthday, Nicholas’ 4th birthday, Bre will be 10, and Kevin and I will celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary and 11 years together! Seems so surreal! I am ecstatic to see where we are compared to the past, yet it saddens me to know our kids are growing as they are. I miss them as babies and now they are all becoming so independent.

2011 holds so many changes for the Biddle Family. From our perspective, there are so many wonderful changes coming our way! We cannot wait to begin a new chapter of our lives! Yet, it does seem odd to know that we will be bringing the Army life we have come to know and become comfortable in, to an end. I believe we all have mixed feelings and emotions on this change. However, we are all excited to know that we will no longer have Deployments, NTC, or FTX’s in the future. That, my friends, is more exciting that any of you can possibly know…unless you have lived this insane and unknown life as we have. With the Army, you never know what the future holds. Hell, you don’t even know what the day you are in or the next day holds! Everything changes in a moment’s notice and we live by the Hurry Up and Wait rule. I will tell you, there is a big part of me that will miss this life we have become so accustomed to know and live in… But, as always, it comes to an end and you start the rest of your life. This year will also hold another move for us and new jobs. Where we will move to, we are not releasing to anyone other than close family at this moment. As we have learned over the years, everything is subject to change. Once things are more definite and all decisions have been made, we will post it on here. Remain patient and follow up on here. As always, our lives tend to never be dull, so there will be a lot more updates coming up on here… I promise I will start updating on here more frequently.

As for what 2011 has in store… we pray that everyone has a better year than this past one. We hope you all take life day to day and live each moment as if it were your last. You never know when you will be right. People tend to take life for granted and forget to cherish the small and simple things. It’s not about the money we make or the material things we have. It’s about the way we live our lives and what we put into it, not only for ourselves, but others as well.  Don’t let others keep you down or hold you back. Put a smile on your face, take pictures, and hold onto the memories. Hold the ones you love close. Let go of grudges and regrets. It takes more energy and effort to hold on to those grudges than it does to just let go. Of course, never forget, but forgive and let go. You will find yourself a lot happier… I know I am after letting go of so many things this past year. Enjoy life people! It is just too short not to!

Happy 2011! May this be the best year yet to come for all of us! We love and miss you all!

Yes, we painted Dixie's nails a bright pink!

Nic being goofy as always!

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