Tuesday, January 11, 2011


If I took pictures of my son playing with his cars or in the bath (like the one I'm sharing with everyone) or anything else, you would have no other choice but to agree with me.... I think my son is OCD like his mom! This is no joke. He has to line his toys up perfectly while he is playing and if you even scoot one a quarter of an inch, he freaks! He'll ask you nicely to please not move them, then if you continue, he will get made and probably yell. The yelling part is just him being a three year old.

I walked into his room tonight and he had all of his books lined perfects along his floor and his cars in a line as well....

The dinosaur picture was taken a few nights ago. Note to anyone who may watch him, never push a dinosaur into the bathtub when he has them lined up on the edge... Just a warning in advance. 

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