Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our First Two Weeks of 2011

Below are just random pictures that have been taken since the first of January. The first two weeks of this year have already kept us all incredibly busy. Kevin and I cannot wait until the days when we have a little downtime in our chaotic house of kids! Lol. One day that will happen and in return we will miss and long for these days that we are in now....

Caitlin and Destiny

Bre and Caitlin

Heather and I in my kitchen

Me with Destiny

Kev and Destiny

Kevin, me, Heather, and Marty


Caitlin is so photogenic

A whole mix of crazy kids

Nicholas with Kaylee and Karissa at McDonalds

♥Us♥ I love how he stoops down so he doesn't appear as tall next to me. Haha

Nic playing at McDonalds 

I think this one is way cute of us

Our Goofy Girls

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