Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Saturday Clay-day

What a fun weekend the kids had! On Friday night Marty, Heather and all the kids came over. We hung out at the house eating pizza and just enjoying some downtime. The kids played video games, made potholders, and whatever else they found entertaining. Destiny and Carissa spent the night with the girls. They had their slumber party in the living room.

On Saturday morning we all woke up and had pancakes and oatmeal for breakfast. Have I mentioned that my husband makes the best pancakes ever? This is coming from a person who is not a big pancake eater! Later in the afternoon, after all the girls cleaned up their mess, we decided to experiment with a new art project! Breanna, Caitlin, Destiny, and I made out very own homemade modeling clay! We even broke out the food coloring to have a variety of colors for them. They all made things and had a blast! Nicholas refused to nap, so he jumped in and started his attempt in making dinosaurs and monster trucks. This is by far the cheapest art project and we had everything in the house! Flour, salt, water, and food coloring is all it takes! It dries better and quicker than the store bought clay. At the end of this, Caitlin has decided she wants to make more for her birthday as an activity the kids can do. I think they'll enjoy it! Oh, and it's nontoxic....just real salty. Just an FYI incase any parents want to make it.

It's 2.5 cups of flour, one cup of water, one cup of salt, and food coloring to your desired color. The food coloring needs to be added before all ingredients are mixed. Once it is moist, take it away from the mixer and knead with your hands. It dries in a matter of hours! It is a wonderful project on a rainy day!

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  1. Its official!
    Your like Martha Stewart!

  2. Lol, not even! I am really catching onto this stay at home mom thing though!