Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thank You

Thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes today. It all meant so much. It was hard to have another birthday come and go with Kevin once again not being home. Seems that every year since he enlisted the Army has had him away on this day. However, my cell phone did ring at midnight with an unknown number. It woke me up and I was close to sending the call to voicemail. Thankfully I didn't because when I answered it, I heard "Happy Birthday Baby". At that moment I knew no matter what the day had in store for me Kevin had just made my day! We talked for a little over a minute before we were disconnected. He said he just wanted to call and wish me a happy birthday before anyone else did because he could not be here. I miss him so much with every passing day, but am so thankful for the phone calls and emails I receive. It all helps out so much through deployments. I think we live on the few and far between calls and emails.

Kevin is doing fine over there. As you all know he flew straight into Iraq over a week ago on a mission ahead of his company. He left here with a small group of guys from the battalion he is with. He will be heading to another FOB soon, which is where his guys will catch up with him. They should all reunite sometime in the next two weeks. This past week has given him a chance to get through the jetlag of flying over there. It has given him a chance to get situated and more prepared for this deployment. I have been able to hear from him almost daily, which is about to change now that he will start getting busy. Once again, I ask everyone to please keep him and everyone he is with in their thoughts and prayers. We all just want him and everyone home safe next year! Deployments are very hard and at times seem unbearable, but in 12-15 months this will all just be a memory. Something we can look back on and begin cherishing all moments we have together before another one comes up.

Thanks again for the calls, cards, and messages for my birthday!

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