Thursday, May 14, 2009

"My Dada"

Since enrolling Nicholas in Daycare he has started talking more and more! He is now putting two and three words together in order to complete a short sentence. We are so amazed with how far he has come in less than two months! This weekend he got a hold of my cell phone which has a picture of me and Kevin together the day he deployed. Nic kept hitting the button to make it light up and would smile. I asked him what he was looking at and with the biggest smile he looked at me and said, "My Dada Mama". My heart just melted and tears came to my eyes. In so many ways I can tell he misses his daddy. He is becoming a miniature Kevin more and more with every passing days. From the way he acts to the looks he gives...

We cannot wait until next year is here and Kevin is home with us again! We all miss him so much!

Take care of yourself Hun! We are all thinking about you! Love you so much!

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