Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our Tic Tac Bandit

I remembered tonight as I was pulling into the daycare that Nicholas is almost out of diapers. I knew this mission would have to be completed with all three kids in tow. Little did I realize what I was up against! Throughout our trip to the store Caitlin kept asking for candy and whatever else she saw that was of interest to her. I kept telling her "no" and that we were just buying diapers then going home. Standing in the checkout line I noticed she was acting a little on the odd side, so I decided to see what she was up to. I watched as she tried to hide something from me by placing it in her pocket. I told her to empty her pocket, of course we were right in front of quite a few people. She shows me what she has...a box of Tic Tacs! Yes, you read right. Caitlin tried to steal tic tacs! I am not even sure how to handle this! She had to apologize for her attempt in shoplifting. I have talked to her, as has her Grannie. I asked her if she has ever done this before and she turned her head from me. Only leaving me to believe she has. I never imagined having to deal with something like this. Now I have to figure out a decent punishment. Obviously she is getting too old for the corner and spankings do not always work. I need an attention grabber. Wonder if I could get a police to come out and talk to her to put some fear in her... Just a thought...

We are only a little more than two weeks into this deployment and it feels like the year should almost be over! These two weeks have been insane! And to is all just starting!

Any advice on this situation is more than welcomed!

**Keeping you in our thoughts & prayers Kev! We love you & miss you more than words could ever say! Always baby!**


  1. maybe you could get Jed to talk to her..even if it is on the phone????

  2. That is a real good idea! Thanks girl!

  3. What @ the Bible and the ten comandments.

    Getting her to write down why she did? And why she shouldn't to see where she is at w/ it.

  4. You know, Gwen, that may just work. I will do that this weekend! Thanks for that advice! She knows better and how wrong it is to take things. That's what really gets me. Kevin & I have not raised her to be like this. The kids all have Bibles and we teach them about everything in it. So, I will definitely have her read the Ten Commandments and write. Thank you!