Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Destructive Dog

What a week last week was! I have to say that I am so happy that we are currently in a new week! Dopey, our wonderful and loving Cane Corso, decided that since I did not spend as much time with him as I normally do that he would become a bit on the destructive side! My time was spent last week dealing with the kids and work. It was a busy week! One day Dopey ripped our water hose holder off the house. Okay, not too big of a deal. After all, Kevin and I have been talking about purchasing a nice water hose hideaway reel box. Why not make that purchase now? After this, Dopey decides he is going to drag our new hose into the yard and chew it into pieces. Oh, how I wish I had taken more pictures of his destruction! This past weekend I sent the girls to the backyard to help clean up his mess. One of them ran into the house telling me about Dopey "eating" the hose to the sprinklers. I was at a loss as to what they were telling me at first. Once I got out there, I was ready to choke this dog! Haha. He had chewed through the hoses that connected the faucet to the sprinkler system. Monday afternoon I had to repair the sprinkler system. Luckily there was enough hose left over from his field day of the mess he left in the middle of our yard! I was able to cut two pieces out in order to connect it all together again. And yes, it does work!!! Breanna walked in completely amazed with the fact that I could fix it because she has never seen me do that before. It was too cute! I had to explain that when Daddy is home I don't have to because he does yard work. She told me that she thought I would have to call someone to make the repairs. Nothing like the confidence a seven year old has in her mom! Of course, we told Kevin about this situation. He found humor in it all! Of course, he would have it no other way than to laugh at all that I have already gone through this past month!

This is what was left of the connection to the sprinklers!

This is to show you all that, yes, I can make household repairs! It does work! We flooded the backyard today while the kids all played in the water!
Our wonderful, loving puppy, Dopey! He is 11 months in this picture! Just turned one this month. He is such a big baby!

We are all praying for your safe return Kevin! We love you & miss you more than words could ever say! Stay strong & focused! We are here patiently awaiting your return home in the months to come! **Always!**
~"Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle...but rather a great reminder of just how strong true love really is"~

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