Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shopping Trip Disaster!

Whoever thinks it is a good idea to take three small kids shopping for anything has to be insane! I have never thought it to be a good idea, yet still have to take the trips out because Kevin is obviously not home. I would much rather work than face the obstacles in shopping with my three! I feel like I spend the entire time telling Caitlin to stay with me, put things down, quit fighting with Breanna, to leave Nicholas alone, to quit whining and telling me she wants everything we pass...oh how the list could just go on and on! I wish that just once she would behave so we could actually have a 15 minute trip not turn into over an hour! In the end though, we did manage to get all we needed for the hall bathroom! The girls love their "new" bathroom. It is in blues and browns. We had to get away from the cartoon characters and all the "kiddie" themes.

Poor Nicholas after a couple hours out shopping with Mom & Sisters! He was worn out!

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