Tuesday, May 26, 2009

He Has An Address!!!

We finally have a mailing address for where Kevin is! Very excited! On the downside, we have been told not to send anything for 30-60 days upon the unit arriving in country. They have only been there for a little less than two weeks now! We still have a little wait! We have to wait in order to give the unit they are replacing to leave the FOB as well as giving the guys a chance to get settled in. The guys need some time to get set up and organized before we are supposed to send things! Understandable. If you want to send something, wait until around the end of June! Trust me, I am really hating this wait! If I have not sent you Kev's address in Iraq, please either send me an email or leave a comment on here and I will get it to you! When sending anything, keep in mind he is living in a tent with over ten other guys so he is very limited on space during this deployment! Everyone keeps asking what to send him for his birthday and Christmas. Gift cards are the best way to go! His favorite places are GNC, Gamestop, and Amazon.com. All three of these do ship to APO. So, he can order off these sites and have the items shipped directly to him. He orders all of his vitamins and whatever for when he works out from GNC. He actually set up some membership with them last time he was overseas. He orders games for his PSP from Gamestop, as well as Amazon.com. With Amazon it gives him more to choose from as far as the games, books, movies, and more!

Please continue to keep Kevin in your thoughts and prayers as we wait for this next year to pass us by. Kev should be home sometime after next May, when this deployment comes to an end. Of course, we will not know the date until it is only a few days away. Nor do we know the exact time frame of him being there. We also are not sure when Kev will be home on R&R (mid-tour leave) since they are just getting there and we all know how it is all subject to change! I am sure it will be another example of us finding out a few days before he arrives in El Paso that he is coming home on leave! Got to love the Army! Overall, Kevin is doing pretty good. He called today. The second time he has been able to call in the month that he has been gone! He sounded good and was in a joking mood. Hearing his voice more than made my day. Now I am good for the next few weeks as far as him calling home. They are all working hard over there as they get settled and become more aware and knowledgeable of what they will be doing.

Thank you to everyone for the continuous support. You all keep us going strong!

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