Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mama, Ice

Earlier today I heard the Ice Cream Truck outside, doing the normal drive around and make parents crazy on a Saturday afternoon. I thought nothing of it really because the girls are both grounded and knew not to even ask. Nicholas was sitting in the living room floor playing when he heard it. He looked at me with huge eyes and got all excited. This is something I have not really seen him do until now. Not like this anyways. He jumped up and while running to the door started yelling, "Mama, ice." I still cannot believe he even knows what the music indicates! He was only one last summer when we use to get him and the girls ice cream from the truck. Of course, with him finally talking and showing so much excitement I could not say no to him. I guess it is kind of an award for communicating with me more than just grunting! His speech is getting to where he can put words together in a short sentence and to where he is now understandable! It is just amazing!

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