Saturday, June 12, 2010

Two Days Old

Our little kittens are now two days old and very vocal! They have such
loud meows and cries! They seem to crawl around and locate Bella with
no problems! The all sleep in a little pile, very close to one another
when Bella decides to leave their new area. We relocated them
yesterday when we caught Bella in the beginning stage of trying to
move them! They are now in the bottom of the linen closet with a
blanket and towel as their padding. Bella seems to like itthere with
her babies. I cut a piece out of a cardboard box to keep the kittens
inside this area. They have plenty of room but are secluded.
The first week they should all double on size and may even open their
eyes! They start to slowly open eyes between 5-10 days. That's the
average time frame. We shall see though! They won't be able to fully
hear until either week two or three. Kittens are born deaf and very
slowly gain their hearing. They meow when picked up at first. Bella is
doing an excellent job as a mommy to her babies. She let's me and
Kevin pick them up without any worries. However, when the kids get
near them, Bella tends to stand right over the kittens, protecting
them. It's very heartwarming to see how quickly her motherly instinct
has kicked in!

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