Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Frustrated Beyond Belief

I usually don't come on here to vent or anything similar to that. Yet, I do tend to find some sense of relief to just let it out when there is something on my mind. Blogging seems to be my best outlet at times. As many of you know, we are waiting on EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program) to be updated. As of right now Breanna and I are in the expired status... what that boils down to is we can't do anything right now until this update takes place. My frustration? We saw the doctors awhile back (both of us for the proper paperwork to be filled out) and turned all documents (yes, I did make me a copy for our files, I do with everything) into the EFMP office. I turned them ALL in on May 4! We were told it would be reviewed that Thursday, or the following Thursday because they were backed up due to a change in doctors that review all cases. At this point, we were looking at a week worth of waiting. No big deal really. Problem now? We are exactly five weeks into this and no one has even touched our packets! Yes, I am beyond angry with this place! Kevin and I went into the EFMP office two weeks ago to check the status and we were told that our packets would be reviewed this PAST Thursday and updated Friday. She apologized for the delay. My thoughts, this place just sucks and are terrible at everything they do! I would NEVER recommend William Beaumont Army Medical Center to anyone, not even my worst enemy. It has been four years of pure hell on all of us. While we were there we had her verify everything she said to the point of her even showing us the order of the papers. She said that every Monday and Thursday packets are reviewed. We logged on Friday, yesterday, and today checking to see if the update had occured. Outcome: NO UPDATE!!! Yes, I am angry! Being that Kev is on CQ and I am home with three kids it was easier for him to call EFMP over me. He called and explained to the lady our frustrations. The same woman that told us when everything would be handled. Well, guess what she tells him? Not only did they not review it Thursday or yesterday, but they will try to get to it this Thursday. Well guess what, that is just not sufficient for either of us. Try? This should have been less that a one week process! We are going on over a month now and all they want to do is try? I know I would not be anywhere near this upset if WBAMC had done a good job the past four years we have been here. So, my response to this whole situation is to contact someone that is over them. I call Army OneSource and explain what is going on and ask for their assistance and guidance on what my next step should be. They advice me to contact JAG (Judge Advocate General, our legal office in other wards). I do this and from there JAG informs me to contact IG (Inspector General, who we file complaints with). I call Kevin and relay this information to him before I make the next call when something strikes me that I have not done yet. Normally, I am on top of things and know the best routes to take. However, WBAMC has had me thrown in so many different directions that I don't think I have been able to process it all the proper way. My next step? I am not going to call IG, I am going to their office tomorrow to file all of this! Not only the EFMP, but everything with my health. All of their negligence will be filed and something will be done. I don't think they realize what and who they are dealing with.

Let me better explain the EFMP. With the MOS (job) Kev holds in the Army, we can pretty much be stationed anywhere. The downside to that, because of Bre's asthma and my health issues, only certain installations can fully accomodate us. Therefore, the Army can only assign us to certain posts. Should be easy enough! Or so you would think. Our time here has pretty much come to an end and it is time for us to PCS (Permanent Change of Station or move). Well, we can't PCS or even have orders cut until the EFMP is current. We had no idea that it was even expiring! Now we are at a standstill and it is all out of our hands.

The other IG complaints that will be filed will be everything that I have had to face health wise! There is so much there. Currently I am having severe pain my lower left pelvic area from ovarian cysts and endometreosis. I was seen over two months ago for this and had an ultrasound done last month, yet GYN can't get me in until 6 July. The wait is too long! I have already been admitted through the ER at a local hospital and spent a few days in the hospital. I ended up with an idiot for a doctor at this hospital who had me so mad I ended up running my mouth. Some of my last words to him were that I had been in pain for more years than he had been practicing in the medical field. Which, I am sure he found truth in considering I have been battling this since I was 14. We also have the two incidents that almost cost me my life because they neglected to treat my hypothyroidism correctly. I do not have a thyroid gland and they seem to not take that serious. I am life dependent on medication and proper treatment. This place also is the cause of my hysterectomy due to their negligence in my pelvic pain. This paragraph does not even cover half of what has happened nor does it cover the fact that I am now faced with more life long medical concerns because of the neglect.

Tomorrow is not going to be a good one for WBAMC. Thanks for reading on my frustrations with the medical care and upkeep here! I am even more thankful that our kids are overall healthy!

Hopefully something will be done with the EFMP and we can have orders soon! No telling where, no we have no idea. As soon as we do know something we will contact family and close friends as well as post it here in case we miss you! Please be patient! We can't make them hurry nor do we have 100% say on our next duty station! As long is it is out of here and someplace with better medical care we are happy!

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