Sunday, June 6, 2010

Old Mesilla Village

More than anything, we wanted to get out of the apartment today, yet didn't want to spend much money in doing so. With that being said, we got on the internet and decided to check out The Old Mesilla Village in NM, about 45 minutes from us. We ended up spending the afternoon there and really enjoying it! They have so many older shops, a small wine tasting shop with pistachios, and so much more! There is even a Billy the Kid store that use to be the Mesilla Courthouse, which had a trial of Billy the Kid in 1881. The kids were pretty well behaved for the vast majority of the time spent there. However, we decided we would let Nicholas be an even bigger boy and go without the stroller. Let's just say that was a terrible decision to make! He is big and old enough to walk around some, but the stroller still needs to stay at hand. After walking for awhile, with no nap, he did tend to get real fussy! Right down to the temper tantrum and melt down that we were faced with. Had we taken the stroller we could have eliminated most of this because he wouldn't of had to keep walking. I felt so bad because he was so hot and tired! All together, it was a nice day spent as a family!

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