Thursday, June 3, 2010

Arrrr.... Pirate

While Kevin was on CQ last night, Caitlin and Nicholas were running around like wild children! They were crazy! Nicholas came running out, yelling "Arrr, Pirate". I lucked out and managed to get him on video and wanted to share it with everyone!
A little later, Caitlin came into the living room very upset, saying Nic had bit her. A few moments later, Nicholas was with us, mad as can be! He climbed on the couch, looked at me and said, "Bit her me". I asked him what he said, and of course he repeated it. So, I went on to ask him if he bit Caitlin. With no hesitation, he admitted he did. I asked why, and he said, "with mouth". We laughed so hard. I asked why again, and he started chomping his teeth and let me know that was how he bit her. In the end, he told us "Caitin mean". At least he is honest! Yes, we talked to him about biting, but it is hard to punish him when Caitlin is constatly being mean to him! They both got in trouble. In the end though, you can't help but to crack a smile and laugh! He's talking and communicating so much better now!
Nicholas and Bre were playing right after this incident. His newest thing is to tickle people. He raises his hands and moves his fingers in the tickling motion. He kept chasing Breanna doing that, at the same time he says, "kickle, kickle". Kids are so cute!!!

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