Friday, June 11, 2010

"Piderman" and Cars

What a successful couple of days! Nicholas has gone through the days pretty much accident free, he takes naps totally accident free, and he is FINALLY wearing his underware! Yay! Not going commando anymore! He loves his "piderman" undies over all the others and now tells us he wants Batman! However, he hates the boxer briefs. He is doing awesome with the whole potty training, letting us know as soon as he needs to go. Afterwards, he yells out "Yay, I did it!". It is the cutest thing ever! We are so incredibly proud of our little man, yet it makes me sad all at the same time. He is growing up so fast. Seems the diapers were the last of the "baby" stage and we are officially at the toddler/pre-k age now. Time sure has flown!

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