Friday, June 18, 2010

Quick Update

We finally received the call we have been waiting weeks from EFMP yesterday! How amazing that call was! Everything with mine and Breanna's healthcare has been officially updated! Kev's Branch Manager can now cut us orders to get out of El Paso.... well, as long as we can get in touch with her. Kevin has made many attepmts to reach her since we found out that everything is updated. After many attepmts yesterday and this morning, we decided to research an alternate number since we can never get her to answer. We located one and called just to be informed that Quatermasters is in transition from VA to Fort Knox, KY. Talk about timing, could it be any worse? Haha. Kev left a message with someone for the reason behind the call as well as all of his contact information, in hopes that she would actually call him. After lunch, we decided to cover all bases and he also sent her an email. The Army is not the best at relaying messages at all times, especially when relocating. We did not hear from her at all today and are praying we hear something on Monday. My fear is her not calling him in time and us being stuck here for another few years. However, I am trying not to think nor focus any unneeded attention on that matter. We are staying postitive and as much as we are wanting to be closer to the east coast, we are also at the point of not caring where we go as long as it is better than here with better healthcare! I am sure everyone can understand that. El Paso really would not be that bad if it were not for the lack of healthcare that WBAMC gives us as well as the rude people we tend to run across out here. How it makes us miss the southern hospitatlity! Neither of us are use to people that are not welcoming! There is a lot more to it, but nothing I care to express at this point! Staying with the positive side of things!

Yesterday was wonderful! We are cleared on all speeding tickets now! Lol, yes Kevin and I each ended up getting a few combined, but they are taken care of. We were ticket free for eight years until last year! Guess it was bound to happen sooner or later! However, we never expected us to each get one within a week of each other! Then, I got another one shortly after he deployed while in a rush to work after oversleeping. What can I say, some days were harder than others when it came to waking up and him being overseas! I didn't sleep well the night prior! Yesterday Kevin had court for his ticket. Yes, over a year later because they had to reschedule his court date since he was already in Iraq when the original date rolled around. Kevin went to court and called me, pretty happy after. The judge dismissed his ticket! The cop was there and just told him that he did not recall pulling Kevin over. Love it! We also received a call from our Nurse Case Manager. All I have to say is she seems great and already on top of things. She is also upset and very let down with WBAMC for not setting us up with her four years ago and for taking my health as a joke. There is a lot to take care of with my health, but more than likely we will not have the time to do it here. Good news on it, she had me go in for more lab work (Thyroid Panel). With all the medications Cpt Burton put me on we have been able to maintain my levels! Terrific news! It has been awhile since we have heard that!

We also had to replace the battery in the XTerra today! We just replaced Kev's car battery like two months ago! How do we end up with dead batteries in both vehicles in less than a few months! Something that was definitely unexpected!

Now, we are back to the Army's wonderful "Hurry up and Wait" life! Waiting on orders and waiting to finally move out of here! As soon as we do get them, we could be moving very quickly! As always, we will keep you all updated! As of now, everything that is posted on here is all that we are aware of!

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