Sunday, May 30, 2010


Nic and I were on a hunt for a fish bowl for the Betta fish that we were on our way to purchase. I could not find anything that I wanted and just did not see fit to spent $20 or so on something to keep it in. So, we decided to head to Savers, a secondhand store that has used and new items. We ended up finding something we liked and of course, we ended up wondering throughout the store. Nicholas discovered a dinosaur that we ended up buying for barely over $2. Can't beat that for one of his toys. However, he does find it necessary to take it EVERYWHERE he goes! It even eats dinner sitting right next to him and sleeps beside him.... yes, under the covers with its head on his pillow. Cute, I suppose. He has become obsessed with dinosaurs, Spiderman, Batman, and still Cars!

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