Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trendy Tuesday

Kevin is on CQ tonight so it was just the kids and I at home watching American Idol before they headed off to bed. The girls have a field trip tomorrow to watch the 4th graders at the school perform at the Plaza Theater out here. They are so excited because they get to dress in something cute and not in school uniforms! Of course, that led to Caitlin wanting me to straighten her hair...and we all know what a funky mess that is! Haha. I ended up drying and straightening both girls hair then realized they each had split ends and had to trim their hair, which led to hairstyles that are slightly different, but so cute! They each love their hair. Caitlin checked it out in the bathroom and then ran into the living room in excitement, yelling, "I look so beautiful! Thank you so much Mom". It made my night! I have not trimmed or cut their hair since we were in Germany. I use to do Bre's all the time out there! We decided to add before and after pictures! I will post more tomorrow with how they look before they go to school.

Bre after we straightened, but before the cut...
Bre after her cut.

Caitlin after we dried her hair, but before we straightened and cut...

Caitlin after we cut and straightened. So different but so cute! We love it!

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