Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In Shock... Asparagus & Squash

For dinner tonight, we thought we would try something new with the kids. We baked some great tasting ribs in the oven and wanted to have something different and tasty for our sides. Kevin made asparagus and squash. We have never made that before and it turned out wonderful! Personally, I was not crazy about the asparagus. The flavor was great, but I could not handle the texture. Just one of those things. Next time we are going to keep it a little more crunchy. We made it with garlic powder and almonds. We also made squash, which surprisingly to me, turned out to be very tasty! Breanna picked at her, Nicholas ate his, and Caitlin inhaled her dinner and not only wanted second, but thirds as well! She NEVER eats like that, so it really caught us off guard. We are thrilled that the kids actually ate so well! Of course we made a back up for the just incase... Mac and Cheese! We had to have that, which the kids also ate a lot of.

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