Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brought A Smile

Most of you know I ended back in the hospital over the weekend. I was admitted Saturday night and stayed until Monday evening. Kevin had to take me to the ER for severe pelvic pain. I had been in pain for the past month and the week prior I stayed so sick. I was unable to keep anything down and lost over 12 lbs in a seven day period. Kind of scary! We did discover that I am having problems with ovarian cysts again and more than likely the endometreosis has grown back into a severe case. We have medically tried many different types of pills and other things trying to put a stop to the endometreosis and cysts. As you all know I did have a partial hysterectomy in October 2008. I had my uterus removed, not by choice, and was able to keep my ovaries and cervix. However, now it does look as though I am going to have to have my ovaries and cervix removed. There have just been too many complications since I was 14 and I can no longer face these battles. It is interfering in my daily life. Not to mention that the cysts rupturing set off toxins if they are not handled properly and in a timely manner. We cannot risk this to continue happening with Kevin being away as often as he is and just the simple fact it is not good for me. I do have an appointment July 6 with the gynocologist in order to get everything going. We are trying to get me in sooner because the pain is continuing as it was before the hospital. I did not realize the extent of the pain until the day after I was released. It is amazing how much the pain medication in the hospital took away! Once I was completely off of them it was an eye opener to how severe it has been. It makes me question how I have been functioning like I have with the pain! It is unreal. I am looking forward to hopefully feeling better soon!
Kevin and the kids visited with me about twice a day while I was admitted. They brought me flowers one day. I posted pictures below of the flowers. I have come to the conclusion, that I have all I could ever ask for and so much more with these four.


  1. Kevin and the kids brought them to the hospital. So sweet!